Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Foster.......Failure :(

It took us some time to decide whether or not to foster however, over time seeing the many sad faces and stories we decided to be a part of the solution instead of talking about it.  As we pondered over the question to foster or not to foster of course family and friends were bought into the conversation.  Many of them had their opinions which were silence in the beginning followed by are you becoming an animal hoarder? You already rescued two isn’t that enough? Needless to say their comments were not supportive which left us feeling some kind of way.  Time went on and we enjoyed our home with Krusher & Sasha happy however, the conversation kept coming up.  Finally, we said the hell with what folks say it’s our life and went put in our application to foster! It took some time for the organization to contact us and finally.....the first e-mail came asking are you interested in fostering this pup? It was a busy week for us and we hadn’t checked our e-mails (which is highly unusual for us) so we got a phone call from the director asking if we were still interested in fostering Champ? We shouted with glee YES!SURE! Where is he and when do we pick him up?  Champ was very confident 4 month old black pittie, those ears were the cutest.  Champ had an application on him before we pulled him from the shelter, that fell through and another application was placed on him and he went to be with his furever family,  happy but sad tears.
Another e-mail came asking are you interested in fostering this pup? Wednesday was a 3-4 month old tan pittie.  She was beautiful not as confident as Champ but has the same ears.  The story would not be the same for Wednesday; the shelter allowed an outside adopter to take her. Guess that’s how the ball bounces.  Again we were happy but sad because there’s no way for us to track her progress or the lack thereof.  The shelter takes the application, the adopter picks up the dog or animal and that’s it unless a cruelty case is bought up.  This is a very sad process that must be fixed.  Read about our experience with the shelter through the blog posted November 29, 2011.  A phone call was placed asking if we would get Blue a pittie from the same shelter Champ and Wednesday were housed.  Sure, we said and off the races to pick up “Blue.”  When we arrived there was no information on her.  As usual we asked the worker about her and we were shocked at her condition.  Physically Blue was visibly shaken, scared, nervous and very timid.  Her nerves made her poop and peep. There’s no way she’s ready to be adopted (she had an application on her).  We made our observation known to the director of the organization and no reply.  By the time we were halfway down the street Blue had a name......Holiday.  We found that name fitting considering it’s the holiday season but more importantly for me her name was fitting because of Billie Holiday, a jazz songstress with a troubled life from the beginning and a tragic ending.  This Holiday however, has a second chance at life and we are determined to ensure that her young life will thrive.  We received a text stating Holiday has an appointment with the vet to be spayed and receive all of her shots.  Great, when’s pick up time....no pick up her adopters will pick her up from the vets office…….heartbroken…..no reply.  We were going to be and wanted to be foster....failures :(

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shelter Procedure Part II

Fostering allows one to see behind the scenes of how shelters work and it’s not pretty. As with everything politics its ugly including animal care. Considering the majority of the shelters receive funding from their local government it’s no wonder they’ll rather kill the animals than provide quality care for them. This is a disheartening thought and feeling when it smacks you in the face. That reality smacked me in the face last Saturday when I picked up our second foster Holiday.  We named her Holiday after the famed singer Billie Holiday. Both stories are tragic however; this Holiday has another chance at life. No one told us the condition Holiday was in.  The shelters website had her picture that was it. NO information about her age, how she arrived at the shelter, health the typical information one would expect to see on animal for potential adopters to read. It was just a pathetic picture of the “unknown.”  We are not shelter workers; we’re just advocates for animals and their rights; we don’t know the inter-workings of a day in a life of a shelter worker.  With that no process or procedure in place it spells disaster for the animals in the shelter and their workers.
As mentioned we’re fairly new to the fostering game however, new eyes see everything.  When we arrived to pick up Holiday she was a mess, a nervous wreck and more.  The shelter worker informed us upon bringing Holiday to us that “she’s a little nervous and tends to poop” when she’s picked up.” This was clearly an understatement. When Holiday was bought to us she was visibly shaken and scared out ofher mind.  Did we mention that she’s only2-3 months old? We asked what was her story and the shelter worker said “don’t know” (matter of fact) she was found walking around.”  The worker seemed unemotional and extremely detached.  We’ve been to this shelter before and out of everyone we spoke with one person seemed to care.  It has been overwhelming to see so many animals being abused, tortured and their souls gone because of the neglect.  Yes, we understand you have to distance yourself but to be heartless and cruel tells us you’re in the wrong business.

 After receiving Holiday, she attempted to jump out of my arms and find the nearest hiding place.  This was insane, she pooped and peed everywhere because she was scared, never had I seen a case like this face toface and from a 2-3 month old pup.  As we were getting her settled to leave we asked the shelter worker about her eating habits etc.  What the worker said floored me "all of the animal sare fed ONCE a day!" ONCE a day are you kidding me we exclaimed! “oh but she eats all of her food, and that’s the best we can do” Is that best you can do? What about water, walks, human interaction? Once again, no answer but a dumb look on her face answered our questions. It’s not her fault and we’re not placing blame on the workers however, someone has to step up to the plate and demand change.  It’s no wonder many animals die in shelters.  They learn to become despondent, detached, angry,frustrated  and a host of other emotional let downs because the ones that’s suppose to care for them have abandoned, abused and neglected them. With no loving hand, calm voice, a walk outside to smell the various smells other than the their own urine and feces and that of the other animals and see the various sights they lose their domestic side and become wild and untamable animals.  Pit Bull & Paroleesis a perfect example of this behavior. The episode last Saturday bought this fact home.  Tia needed more hired hands (she only hires parolees), long story short the majority of the parolees were fresh out jail and looking for a fresh start.  As the parolees were making their rounds around the dogs they stopped and stared and commented on how they know the dogs feel having someone stare at them because of the way you look,  because they’re caged and wanting affection but no one is there to give it.  Those parolees looking at those dogs who are well taken care of know what it’s like to have little to no hope yet with a kind gentle hand to guide them they too can be tamed and live a productive life.  With the spirit of the holidays upon us make time to volunteer and you too will see the benefit of YOUR kind hand, YOUR gentle voice change a chained, confused and confined beast into a well behaved domesticated, loyal, loving and appreciated animal.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shelter Procedure...Part I

Since becoming active in fostering pit bulls my eyes have been opened and my heart heavy.  The first foster was a breeze Sasha and Krusher met Champ who was a confident 4 month old pup.  Upon hearing that Sasha & Krusher were comfortable and a perfect match the organization I’m working with was contacted and Champ was pulled from the shelter and all was well.  Well this time around my eyes were opened and my heart heavy.  There was a pup that needed out of the shelter; I followed the procedures as before however, the outcome was much different and left me feeling a certain way.

Initially, I wanted to conduct the meet and greet Thursday, considering this would’ve been my second foster I wanted the experience of another volunteer to evaluate Sasha& Krushers’ behavior to ensure nothing was overlooked or misinterpreted through their body language.  Unfortunately, Thursday was not a good day and the shelter was closed Friday due to the holiday so the next best day for all involved was Saturday.  All went well at the meet & greet with the dogs including Sasha (she’s my diva pittie who’s very picky about her doggie friends).  The volunteer who assisted with the evaluation didn’t have a good feeling about Wednesday being placed with us because an outside application had been placed on her through the shelter.  I told her to think positive and we’ll speak with the shelter employee to see what our chances were in getting Wednesday placed with us.  As she told me she’s been down this road before and experience tells her we’re not going to get Wednesday.  After the meeting we spoke with the shelter worker and askedabout their procedure, her response was “If someone is interested in a dog or any other animal at the shelter all they have to do is complete the application and pick up the animal.”  I asked when we will know if the adoption goes through or not, the shelter worker told us by MONDAY, this was Saturday! Where’s the process? I again asked under what circumstance will the adopter not get Wednesday or any other animal(s) what I heard next flabbergasted me; “ifthe person doesn't show up or change their mind then we’ll contact you.” We were excited for Wednesday but not happy about the process or the lack thereof.

The shelters lack of process is for an interested person to fill out the application and they’re approved! Really, fill out the paperwork, pay and take your animal home.  No screening, no home visits, no evaluation, nobackground investigation.  Everyone wants to know where the system fails; one of the reasons is lack of sufficient policies and procedures.  Yes, itsunderstood money is needed to fund these duties however, if I’m not mistaken many folk volunteer which means more can be done with less.  Having someone complete an application and turn it in, no wonder the shelters are full of dogs being returned, the dogs are not being “matched” with the “right”person, people or lifestyles.  One can visit numerous shelter /rescue organizations websites and folk see a puppy or dog has sad look on their face which pulls on the heart strings of folk and they complete the application without knowing much about the dog.  What most folk don’t know many animals that are taken to the shelter are euthanized due to overcrowding. There are several reasons for the overcrowding, one being breed discrimination, families losing their homes and the list goes on.  Many animals at the shelter or returned to the shelter for several reasons the main because theycan’t or don’t want the animal anymore.  Folk who adopt from a shelter many times are not aware of what they’re getting.  Most get puppies because they’re cute, adorable and playful not realizing at some point that puppy is going to grow up.  Once the pup grows up its destructive because no one plays with her/him anymore so they have pent up energy so the dog runs away, terrorizes the members of the house as well as friends because he/she is not socialize probably so now they’re a liability etc. now the dog is bought back to shelter and the shelter can do but so much.  In the end it’s everyone’s responsibility to be honest about their intentions, what they’re looking for in selecting and adopting an animal and to know their limitations in order to minimize the return of animals to shelters/rescue organizations.  Shelters need to have adequate policies and procedures in place to ensure the “right”dog and human are close to a perfect match as possible again to minimize their return of adopted dogs.  Shelters many times are associated with rescue organizations; it is my opinion uses these resources when it comes to breed specific dogs (when possible).  Rescues if used probably can help shelters however, when you allow profit to be the bottom line you are sure have issues in the long run. Not all shelters fall into this category however, after my experience last weekend it makes one ruminate as to what are other shelter(s) procedures or lack thereof and how much of this lack of procedure compound the problem of overcrowding.

Again, thinking the situation through prior to adopting an animal can be the difference between life and death of an animal and even ease the overcrowding in shelters.  As we all know life has its way of doing things and unforeseen circumstances/situations occur which is understandable and that’s when shelters and rescues come into play.  Lets be responsible, do your research prior to choosing to adopt and heaven forbids should your situation changes for the worst and you have to return your forever family members don’tbe afraid to ask the shelter or rescue about their policies and procedures to adopting and re-homing your forever family member.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


When people sit around the dinner table prior to saying grace or shortly after saying grace everyone goes around the table saying what they’re thankful for.  Most say they’re thankful for family, friends, being employed, food on the table, the preparer of the food or the Cowboys sweeping the Redskins etc. however, this year we at The Pretty Chic with the Pits are THANKBUL for more than the usual.  We’re thankbul for our pitties (Sasha & Krusher),our son, Animal Planet (Pit bull & Paroless & Pit Boss) and most importantly Michael Vick.  We are especially thankbul for our son who took the blinders off of us when it came to pit bulls.  It was his passion and desire to help pit bulls and show us as well as the world how loving this bully breed is.  We are very thankbul for MichaelVick for bringing to the forefront the plight of pit bulls; educating the public as to why this bullybreed receives the negative publicity they do because of ignorant behavior that Vick displayed with his dogfighting ring.  We’re going to focus on the positive. Many positive things have come out of the Michael Vick.

 Some of the good deeds include, The Pretty Chic with the Pits, our family being active in volunteering, educating, advocating and fostering pit bulls.  Other good deeds from Vick's case are organizations receiving the notoriety, funds and volunteers needed to save the lives of this bully breed.  Also, police and animal control officers, current pit bull owners, new and potential pit bull adopters are being educated as well as receiving training on how to handle pit bulls or pit bull type dogs.  Laws banning pit bulls/pit bull type dogs are being  repealed or abolished and the list goes on and on.   Most importantly we’re thankbul for the love Sasha  has shown our family.  Sasha bullied her way in our hearts, she has given our family a new perception of what a pit bull type dog is and what they’re capable of.  Sasha & Krusher have open the minds of many and bullied their way into the hearts of family,friends, the vet tech at their veterinary clinic who told us “getting a  pit bull was a bad idea” to the trainer at PetSmart & Colonial K9 who was unsure of how “they would respond to training” and ending up being the top dog in their class.  Krusher was all the trainer at Colonial K9 spoke about "how he was poised and unfazed by the insecure dogs around him."  The trainer spoke so much about Krusher he had people who were normally petrified of pit bulls (because of what they heard or saw on TV) petting him and showering him with love.  So this Thanksgiving we’re BLESSED, grateful and thankBUL for every pit bull/pit bull type dog, fosters, organizations that help to rediscover pit bulls and their loving nature, the nay sayers and owners of this lovely bullybreed!  As you sit around the dinner table this Thanksgiving expressing what you’re thankful for do not forget to be thankbul/thankful for your beloved furever family member. ENJOY this holiday season...remember to love someone and a Pit BULL!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Michael Vick vs The Dog World

Michael Vick vs The Dog World

When we decided to start a blog it was difficult which topic we wanted to tackle. There are many blogs, postings, social media outlets in the stratosphere; we didn’t want our blog to be “another” blog. We wanted to standout, not mere words but words with subsistence so we decided to blog about our passions. Which passion(s)were we more passionate about was the next question? Hence The Pretty Chic with the Pits arrived on the scene. There were topics that needed to be covered and others we would leave alone. One topic we did not want to cover was the Michael Vick case. Why one might ask? Pit bulls are ya’lls passion and you’re writing about it so why shy away from it? There are many reasons why were not going to blog about it however, the topic can not be ignored anymore. We will probably lose a few followers and that’s ok this is America and we have “Freedom of Speech.”

Lets get into our opinion about the Michael Vick vs The Dog World. Do we agree with what Michael Vick did?...NO! Do we understand what Michael Vick?......NO! Is he the only one that has participated or ran an illegal operation?....NO! Will Michael Vick be the last person to be caught?....NO! Will the average Joe receive the attention Michael Vick did?...NO! This is where our issue come in. Vick’s illegal dogfighting was wrong on many levels however, many in the communities we reside who participate or run operations such as the one Vick are not treated, persecuted the same. Many have said it’s because of his “stardom.” That’s foolishness, that mans job was to make plays on the football field, not appease or be a role model to anyone. Once society realize folk like Michael Vick are human beings and prone to making mistake(s) (as many of them have) the world will be a better place. Yes, a jury of his peers “judged” him however, God is the ultimate judger. Until any of us have lived a SIN FREE life do not throw one stone. Instead of continuously condemning this man look at the brighter side; the brigther side is that there are laws in place now to save these animals (not just dogs or a specific breed of dog), authorities are being trained how to handle those foolish enough to continue to indulge in such harmful behavior, authorities are being educated and trained on how to evaluate animals (dogs) that are/have been saved from the dogfighting rings; dogs lives have/are being saved. Not long ago it was thought the best way to handle these dogs that come from such an environment was to put down/euthanizethem; now authorities are calling in local shelters and rescue organizations to assist in the evaluation process of whether a dog can be rehabilitated. Everyday members of society are being changed by Michael Vick's dogs stories. Society wishes to kick a person when they’re down and continue to kick them while they’re down. That’s not the way it’s suppose to be. The law states once a person has paid their debt to society they are free. Of course each situation is different and should be treated as such. The same folk who love these animals and see how they’re discriminated against are doing the same thing to Michael Vick. Let me challenge each person who buys the Michael Vick chew doll, who bash him and send nasty messages to him via social media or among their friends and family if your dog had an opportunity to meet Michael Vick we’re 99% positive your beloved pit bull or breed of choice would lick, jump and want to play with Michael Vick. Your dogs do not know that Michael Vick ran an illegal dogfighting ring not even the dogs that were part of his ring .We’re sure many folk will read the beginning sentence and delete the blog, some may have choice words for us and that’s fine that’s your God given right. Remember this “dogs live in the now” what happened two seconds or three years ago your dog does not remember, take a page from your beloved pitties “live in the now!”

At this moment we would like to personally thank Michael Vick for bringing awareness to the plight of pit bulls and other breeds that are used for the dismal purpose of entertaining ignorant folk by dogfighting or indulging in other harmful/neglectful behavior. It is because of Michael Vick, we exist and decided to no longer sit on the sideline,s turn a blind eye to what the misery and abuse many of these dogs face daily. How they have to literally fight for their lives because of a few ignorant folk. It is because of Michael Vick we adopted two beautiful pit bulls, it is because of Michael Vick we are fosters for pit bulls, it is because of Michael Vick we educated ourselves and our loved ones, it is because of Michael Vick members our family as well as members of our community changed their “perception(s)” of pit bulls/pit bull type dogs, it is because of Michael Vick a community proposed banning pit bulls however, decided to abandoned the legislation due to the information we (The Pretty Chic with the Pits) provided, it is because of Michael Vick laws are overturning and these dogs are being looked at with prestige again. Everyone wishes to focus on the negative; here at The Pretty Chic with the Pits we are not focusing on the negative...only the positive because that’s the way our dogs view us....POSITIVELY!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pet vs Family Member

Since becoming a pet owner or pet parent whichever one prefers my eyes have been open to the plight of animals...especially pit bulls. Speaking with a friend over the weekend that is having a life altering situation (a good one) nonetheless its life altering mentioned she was thinking about giving her dog away after having him for 3 years. She mentioned it was heartbreaking for her to think about it but she’s thinking that might be the situation. Of course I listened and offered to help where ever I could however, my mind kept reeling around one question.......why people say they love being a pet parent and their pets are “family members” but when a situation arises the “family member” is the first one to go. Are animals that expendable? Its’ ok we’ll get them back or we’ll get another one just like him or her. If you did it one time it’s safe to say you’ll do it again. 

Some will ask, what is the difference between a “pet” vs a “family member?” This is my take on the question. A pet is animal that is not cared for or loved much; they’re seen as an object and not a living breathing creature. Most people or families get a “pet” when he/she is a puppy and so cute and everyone loves the puppy to pieces and is called a “family member” until the puppy is no longer a puppy. The floppy ears are gone, the full features of the breed are well defined, the cute little bark is now louder and deeper than the man of the house and the cute little teeth are now adult teeth, no more puppy toys or food but adult toys (if they still get toys) and adult food are now in the house. All the walks that used to take place are now limited, play time is limited and the “dog” now needs to be out back chained up because he/she is has gotten too big and makes a mess. A “pet” in my opinion is expendable. A “pet” takes up time that could be used for other things.   A “pet” is no longer welcomed on trips to grocery store, family vacations etc.  NO matter how long a family has had a “pet” the moment “life” happens that “pet” is now in shelter. Usually little to no homework has been done about the shelter; whether it’s a high kill shelter, the hours of operation etc. Many “pets” are dropped off at the local shelter or sometimes abandoned on the side of the road or parking lot and not thought of again. The family the “pet “ once knew as family has abandoned her/him. No one has taken into account how that “pet” may feel. “Pets” don’t have feelings; he/she is a good dog someone will adopt her/him and all will be well. That’s not always the case...in many cases that’s not the end of the story. Many of the “pets” dropped off die in a shelter or worse tortured and killed by those that find them just for kicks. Some die of broken hearts many because there’s limited space in the shelter and rescues/foster homes are full which leads to the “pet” being put down or euthanized. Millions of “pets” meet this fate daily. There are many organizations that do their best to find these lonely, brokenhearted “pets” forever homes where they are thought of as “family members” and not “pets.”

A “family member” is just that...a family member, part of the family. No they don’t pay bills however; they do assist in decision making. An example of this would be where to go on family trips, which area is “dog” friendly, which insurance company to spend your hard earned money that will protect not only you, human member, house but also your furry family member. A positive experience educates family, friends and the community. Someone seeing you with your “family member” may strike up a friendship encourage someone to get involved in plight of your “family member” or adopt a similar “family member.” “Family members” are made time for, provisions are made for “family members,” “family members” are not disposable. You care for a “family member.” When a member of the family is sick the other members tend to care for or do what they can for that member, when a family member is in need of something someone in the family ensures their needs are met. A family is well taken care of, thought of highly, always made time for (which include(s) walks, play time, annual vet visits to ensure the health of your “family member”) and more importantly LOVED! As we all know there are exceptions to every rule. 

Morale of the story think before you or family decides to adopt....ask yourself and family this one question. What do we want...a “pet” or “family member?” if your answer is a pet maybe it’s not time for you or your family to adopt however, if your answer is a “family member” you may be ready for your forever family member

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why so Cruel?

Beatings, shooting, stabbing, thrown off bridges, being ranover intentionally, forced to eat gun powder, fighting, chained to a tree, forced to live in filth with little to no human contact, set on fire, starvation to name a few are what many animals face.....why? all for someone’s pure unadulterated pleasure. Hearing horror stories of animal abuse makes me think why so cruel? What has happened in one’s life for them to be so cruel to anyone or anything living? Studies have shown most serial killers started their crimes against small animals and eventually escalates to humans.  Animals were put on earth to be companions not for brutality.  Although all animals are abused across the board unfortunately, pit bulls are far more abused.  Why is this? We all can think of a reason but none of them are make sense...it should happen. As an owner of two pits as well as a foster to pit bulls it bothers my spirit to know these animals are targeted not only but the ignorant individuals fight and abuse them to the uneducated law makers who want to ban them.  Since their inceptionpit bulls have been abused and misused for blood sport.  While other breeds were bred to be along side of man hunting, herding and protecting valuables and livestock pit bulls were breed to bait and fight.  How unfair is that? These dogs appeared to be doomed from the beginning. As I have mentioned before I was one of the less educated persons who thought pit bulls were demons and were incapable of love and compassion; thank God for my son who took the blinders off and showed me what this bully breed really is about. 

These abused, scared and neglected animals are at adisadvantage from the beginning because of the type of breed they are.  They did not have a say as what breed they are.  Just like humans don’t have a choice as to who their parents are, what nationality they are however,with proper education humans are able to make rational decisions.  A decision of what’s right and what’s wrong,what brings joy, love and pain is made by humans; these animals don’t have the mindset to rationalize these emotions.  They adapt to their environment because they want to please. They are extremely eager to please and for this they’re abuser(s) use this against the animal.  What’s sad is that the animal/breed is charged not the abuser(s).  Hearing and reading their stories sends various emotions through the body they range from anger, tears of sadness, frustration, helplessness, chills and the one question no one seems to be able to answer....why so cruel?

Should you see or know of ANY animal being abused please report it to the appropriate authorities. We do NOT recommend you take matters into your own hands...however; there are exceptions to every rule!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

To Foster or not to Foster

To Foster or not to Foster

With so many animals in shelters and rescue organizations many citizens want to do something but don’t know where to begin.  Many citizens give money and think that’s the end of the story unfortunately that's not the end of the story...actually it’s the beginning.  Many animals that are in shelters and rescues have issues that need to be addressed.  Money takes care of  the physical wounds, broken limb(s), torn ear, gashes on various parts of their bodies, cracked skull etc. however, their care goes deeper.  What about their emotional state of mind?  Who’s going to be there while they’re healing? Volunteers come and go during “working” hours but what they need is a soft voice, a gentle caress, a warm body to snuggle up against, someone to make them feel safe to let them know they won’t be hurt anymore. There are questions that come in, what if I don’t have time? I have a family” what are my friends or family going to think? I already have x amount dogs/cats. Those that want to foster these and many other questions or comments they face.

I was one of those who wanted to do something but didn’t have the money to give to the organization so I adopted Sasha who bought so much joy and love into the life of my family that we adopted another pitbull.  To me I did my part I took two dogs off the rescues hand; it felt good we bought awareness to the plight of pit bulls so my job was done.  Not so because there are many more animals that need help.  Again, I was faced with a decision I’d been toiling with....to foster or not to foster. Many questions and concerns swirled around my head as if my name was Dorothy caught in that terrible tornado storm that took her from Kansas.  What will my family & friends say? Do I have the space? We’re a busy family, maybe we don’t have time.  My neighbor doesn’t like my second dog now I’m bringing another pit bull in the community. Friends telling me I need toget a life and leave dogs alone. Are you becoming a hoarder?  The flow of questions continues to go on.While all of these questions and concerns were swirling around more pit bullswere dying, being abused and communities were still proposing and enacting a Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).  The question became what are you willing to sacrifice? Are you going to be selfishand be content with what you’ve done? We can do what we want to do when we want to do it when it comes to ourselves but how much are we as a society willing to sacrifice for others.

 After consulting with my family we decided to FOSTER.  The void that was there is no longer there, all the questions and concerns that were swirling in my head have settled, there’s a calm in the air while there’s organized chaos at my house.  What’s ironic is those that I thought weren’t going to support are very supportive and understanding.  So you’re faced with the decision of whether to foster or volunteer asset the situation, do your homework and follow your heart! Money is good to keep the organization open and running however, the true reward is seeing how the animal you saved showing their appreciation and gratitude to you for opening your house and your heart.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Got homeowners/renters insurance? If you have a Pit Bull you may not

We all need a place a live.....no matter where you decide to reside most animal lovers want the company of a canine or feline friend. When looking for a place to live one tends to focus on the obvious....location, what is the proximity to work, play (clubs, lounges etc.) family, friends, grocery stores, libraries etc. Another concern is the community: Is it a high or low crime area? Is the neighborhood conducive for child rearing? Who are my neighbors? Are they young professionals, college students or old prunes? Does the county, state or municipalities have Breed Specific Legislation Laws (BSL)? This law restricts residents from having certain dogs or dogs that exhibit the characterics of a dog that has been banned by the city, municipalities or counties. Canines that have fallen into this forsaken ban are: American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers,Chows, Rottweilers to name a few. These questions are valid for several reasons from safety to insuring your humble abode. One question many renters/homeowners do not consider but the insurance adjuster does is what kind of pet(s) you own. Depending on your answer will determine if you have a policy.

The usual questions insurance agents ask are: How many rooms do you have? What kind of flooring is in the house? Have you done any work to the house? How old is your house? Do you have an attic? Do you have a basement? to name a few. As the conversation goes most agents do not ask if you have pets unless they hear one in the background and then they may or may not ask if you have a pet. Why is this important? For one simple reason. It is not until an adjuster comes to your house for a scheduled visit that; upon leaving your residence a couple of days later you may receive a letter in the mail stating your policy will be cancelled within a certain time frame unless you get rid of your beloved pet(s). You may have several policies with this company, developed a relationship with the agent however, because you have a certain “breed” of dog your money is no longer welcomed. Although you have never filed a claim for any of the issued policies your money is no longer welcomed because you have a “POTENTIALLY” aggressive/dangerous dog that is on the insurance list. This happened to one family who had to make the decision to keep the insurance they had for several years and became great friends with their insurance agent or keep their beloved pit bull. The decision was clear and was not a hard one, the family took their business elsewhere. They went with a company that not only was pleased to insure their home, life, boat but more importantly accepted and insured their beloved pit bull. What made the deal sweeter; the family saved money on their policies as well as received benefits and extra savings because their pit bull was a therapy dog and Canine Good Citizen! Moral of the story do your homework prior to making a decision on who will get your hard earned money. The Pretty Chic with the Pits has done a little homework for you. View the information below to ensure your money isn’t being good until the insurance company finds out what type of pet you have.

Here are a few insurance companies that WILL insure you, family and your pets no matter the breed:

State Farm
Fireman’s Fund
Chubb Group
United Services Automobile Associates

Insurance companies that will NOT insure you if you have a certain “breed” of canine:

All State
American Strategic Insurance (ASI)
Liberty Mutual
Arrow Head

Progressive insurance will insure your home if you have a pit bull or any other “potentially” dangerous or aggressive breed however, you may NOT be able to get the maximum amount of coverage. Meaning if you decide to insure your home with Progressive you, your family & your home may not have adequate coverage. On the flip side of this if you insured your vehicle with Progressive they will cover your beloved pet in the car but not in your home.

To be sure this does not happen to your or your family please check your policy/policies, your state, county or municipalities and educate yourself about the various insurance companies and their policies. Do not be afraid to ask questions!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Just about everyone is aware of dogfighting, what it entails, who participates and where it goes down. The usual hot spots are/were on school yards, playgrounds, alleys, back of someones house/apartment complex or abandoned buildings. In may states dog fighting is illegal however, criminals will always find a loophole. It’s apparent dog fighting crews have found another way to continue their criminal activities. The new but not so new trend in dog fighting is called “trunking.” What is trunking? Trunking is a form of dogfighting where two dogs are placed in the trunk of a vehicle once the trunk is closed the fight begins. Participants ride around for a period of time blaring music while the dogs are in the trunk of the vehicle literally fighting for their lives. There is no ventilation in the trunk, very little space and these dogs are forced to fight for air, space and a will live....all for money, glory and a fake reputation as being or having the baddest dog on the block. Talk about the ultimate bloodsport. After those lacking intellect decide enough time has pass they meet a mutual spot with the other dogs owner to see which dog was “victorious.” A winner is determined by who “survived.” In many cases one dog is dead the other badly wounded he/she may succumb to their injuries sooner or later. Neither dog receives proper care for their injuries ( for obvious reasons) or is laid to rest properly. Many of these dogs are discarded like garbage, found in garbage cans or left on the side of the road, left where they died in the field or thrown over bridges. For those that do survive but are severely injured are killed because the likelihood of them winning the next fight is slim to none. The winner or should I say the loser in the end is scared, scarred, damaged, barely alive only to fight another day. As cruel as this may sound it’s almost better for them to die in the trunk rather to have to deal with the torture of fighting for his/her again.

Individuals that participate in this act are depraved and have very little to no regard for life. For those who have or will say ”they're just dogs” yes they are dogs, dogs that deserve the right to live their lives to the fullest, knowing, receiving and giving love. It is because of these unintelligent folk that Breed Specific Legalisation (BSL) exists, the reason these dogs are deemed “potentially” dangerous, society scared of them making negative statements that these dogs are deemed incapable of knowing love, giving love or receiving love is flat out WRONG. With proper care these dogs after experiencing all they have experienced are capable of receiving, giving love and thrive. The Humane Society is offering a $5,000 award for information leading the arrest and conviction of participants in “trunking.” Police departments around country are being trained on how to detect and handle “trunking” activity or incidents. Lets be vigilant for those that don’t have a voice or a choice.

The Pretty Chic with the Pits
“Societies perception is NOT these dogs reality”

Monday, September 26, 2011

I am a dog lover.......BUT

I am a dog lover......BUT

I am a dog lover...BUT, I love all animals....BUT, you have a nice dog...what is he/she?, pit bull...oooooooh well they’re pretty (while they’re backing up), your dog is so mild mannered....BUT as a pit bull owner how many times have you heard these phrases/comments....too many I’m sure. If it’s not the comments it’s the “stare,” walking on the other side of the street, picking up and clutching their dog(s) as if it were a purse and a pit bull is going to steal it.

Recently there was an incident where Krusher was in the front yard playing with my son and daughter when he spotted a cat and made a mad dash for the cat. Krusher is 11 months old and has completed basic obedience class (he was the star pupil). My son and daughter called his name and he immediately came back the front yard and continued to play. There were quite a few spectators watching. Among the spectators were a few of my daughters friends, my son and my next door neighbor. My neighbor told my son he would like to speak with me. I go over there and the first sentence out of his mouth was “I love dogs; you know I am a dog lover BUT! Those three words drive me up a wall; I keep my composure and listened to his concerns (that’s what good neighbors do). After he vents I addressed his concerns. This is where the plot gets thick. I have a female pit bull (Sasha) who my neighbor loves to pieces and back again. Sasha is the first pit bull he said he’s ever been close to let alone touched let alone allowed his daughter near. While petting Sasha my neighbor says “you’re a good dog, cause all dogs are good.” Sasha and Krusher run around my front yard all the time with supervision at ALL times, never had issue from time to time to they will run in my other neighbors yard no issues. What is it about Krusher that has “dog loving” neighbor so frighten? Maybe Krusher isn’t a dog; I looked at his paperwork and clearly it states he is in fact a dog, he barks like a dog, he looks like a dog and he eats dog food obviously he’s a DOG!

Krusher has not attacked anyone or anything (he didn’t get to the cat), his personality is more outgoing than Sasha’s then again Sasha is two years old and Krusher is 11 months old. I am very much aware of peoples ability or inability to “tolerate” things they cannot control. I am sensitive to those who are not comfortable with the bully breed my family chose however, a line has to be drawn. The same thing Sasha does Krusher does, both dogs have received basic training and will continue to receive training to better themselves and assist with being calm and submissive dogs. I leave with this question how much more does /should a pit bull owner do/go through to calm the fears of those who do not try/want to try to get know them?

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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Love I Never Dreamed I Had

When the Michael Vick dog fighting controversy started I didn't realize at the time that my heart would soon be opened to a love I never dreamed I'd have. Like many, my eyes were wide open and I followed the trial every day with my pre-conceived opinion on the matter (still do).  My attitude at the time was they are just dogs and pit bulls at that so, they deserved it.  Since I had never seen or interacted with a pit bull before the media had told me everything I needed to know about these monsters; they kill folks for no reason, they turn on their owners, and they can't be trusted. It wasn't until my son told me the gory details of what was being done to these dogs; the drowning, electrocution, throwing them off of roofs, etc., it mortified me.  To see the dogs and how scared and visibly shaken they were, stirred something inside of me.  As the trial ended and he was sentenced, life went on as usual for me and my family.

One day while doing homework my daughter and I were watching Animal Planet and their show, "Pit bull and Parolees" was having a marathon and my attention was no longer on my homework.  There on my screen was this thin caucasian lady running after stray pit bulls and caring for more than I could count by herself and it amazed me.  The episode that not only opened my eyes but my heart was about a dog named, Creature (he was so ugly he was cute).  Creatures' story made me realize animals do have feelings, they cry (whine), they feel pain and, most importantly they do know love and know how to love.  Creature had been with Villalobos for a while and his trainer convinced Tiaa to go to an adoption event; long story short a man was interested in Creature however, he had not discussed things over with his wife and Creature was not adopted.  Tiaa and Creatures' handler took him to another event where a family was extremely excited about him and all was well until Tiaa did the home inspection.  The inspection found that the family did not have enough space for Creature and Tiaa was unable to allow the adoption.  The family was obviously disappointed but, the look on Creatures face and his demeanor was heartbreaking.  It was as if he knew he would never be adopted.  After much discussion with my family, we decided to put in an application to adopt Creature but, he had already been adopted. Discussing the episode with co-workers, one of my co-workers who owns three female pit bulls told me about a rescue organization near my home.  My family researched the organization, completed the application and the love I never dreamed of, bullied her way into our lives.  Sasha has been a true joy and major head turner in every sense of the word. Sasha has changed mine and my family's perception of pit bulls.  Not only has she changed our perception but she's also changed others she has had contact with outside of our family.  For those minds that she hasn't changed completely she's definitely changed their perception of pit bulls! Every day I learn something new about Sasha and pit bulls in general.  They are loving, loyal, great with kids, a great companion and like all of GODS creatures need, want and deserve love! Due to Sasha's wonderful personality and love for us, my family decided to adopt another pit bull, Krusher who came from the same organization as Sasha.  He has definitely given us a run for our money.  He came from bad beginnings and we caught the tail end of it, he is the BIGGEST cuddle bug you will ever find! Between Sasha's kisses and Krushers' cuddliness there are no lonely days at our house. It is because of my two loves that I never dreamed I'd have and others sharing their love for this bully breed that this blog has started.  WE are giving a voice to those that can't speak, advocating and fighting for their right to exist and live ANYWHERE, and not to be discriminated against. Punish the deed and not the breed! Judge each case on a case by case scenario. In the end this bully breed did not create itself...man tried to create a monster...its the love and compassion of mankind that these dogs still exist!

The Pretty Chic with the Pits, Inc.
"Societies perception is NOT these dogs reality"