Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Michael Vick vs The Dog World

Michael Vick vs The Dog World

When we decided to start a blog it was difficult which topic we wanted to tackle. There are many blogs, postings, social media outlets in the stratosphere; we didn’t want our blog to be “another” blog. We wanted to standout, not mere words but words with subsistence so we decided to blog about our passions. Which passion(s)were we more passionate about was the next question? Hence The Pretty Chic with the Pits arrived on the scene. There were topics that needed to be covered and others we would leave alone. One topic we did not want to cover was the Michael Vick case. Why one might ask? Pit bulls are ya’lls passion and you’re writing about it so why shy away from it? There are many reasons why were not going to blog about it however, the topic can not be ignored anymore. We will probably lose a few followers and that’s ok this is America and we have “Freedom of Speech.”

Lets get into our opinion about the Michael Vick vs The Dog World. Do we agree with what Michael Vick did?...NO! Do we understand what Michael Vick?......NO! Is he the only one that has participated or ran an illegal operation?....NO! Will Michael Vick be the last person to be caught?....NO! Will the average Joe receive the attention Michael Vick did?...NO! This is where our issue come in. Vick’s illegal dogfighting was wrong on many levels however, many in the communities we reside who participate or run operations such as the one Vick are not treated, persecuted the same. Many have said it’s because of his “stardom.” That’s foolishness, that mans job was to make plays on the football field, not appease or be a role model to anyone. Once society realize folk like Michael Vick are human beings and prone to making mistake(s) (as many of them have) the world will be a better place. Yes, a jury of his peers “judged” him however, God is the ultimate judger. Until any of us have lived a SIN FREE life do not throw one stone. Instead of continuously condemning this man look at the brighter side; the brigther side is that there are laws in place now to save these animals (not just dogs or a specific breed of dog), authorities are being trained how to handle those foolish enough to continue to indulge in such harmful behavior, authorities are being educated and trained on how to evaluate animals (dogs) that are/have been saved from the dogfighting rings; dogs lives have/are being saved. Not long ago it was thought the best way to handle these dogs that come from such an environment was to put down/euthanizethem; now authorities are calling in local shelters and rescue organizations to assist in the evaluation process of whether a dog can be rehabilitated. Everyday members of society are being changed by Michael Vick's dogs stories. Society wishes to kick a person when they’re down and continue to kick them while they’re down. That’s not the way it’s suppose to be. The law states once a person has paid their debt to society they are free. Of course each situation is different and should be treated as such. The same folk who love these animals and see how they’re discriminated against are doing the same thing to Michael Vick. Let me challenge each person who buys the Michael Vick chew doll, who bash him and send nasty messages to him via social media or among their friends and family if your dog had an opportunity to meet Michael Vick we’re 99% positive your beloved pit bull or breed of choice would lick, jump and want to play with Michael Vick. Your dogs do not know that Michael Vick ran an illegal dogfighting ring not even the dogs that were part of his ring .We’re sure many folk will read the beginning sentence and delete the blog, some may have choice words for us and that’s fine that’s your God given right. Remember this “dogs live in the now” what happened two seconds or three years ago your dog does not remember, take a page from your beloved pitties “live in the now!”

At this moment we would like to personally thank Michael Vick for bringing awareness to the plight of pit bulls and other breeds that are used for the dismal purpose of entertaining ignorant folk by dogfighting or indulging in other harmful/neglectful behavior. It is because of Michael Vick, we exist and decided to no longer sit on the sideline,s turn a blind eye to what the misery and abuse many of these dogs face daily. How they have to literally fight for their lives because of a few ignorant folk. It is because of Michael Vick we adopted two beautiful pit bulls, it is because of Michael Vick we are fosters for pit bulls, it is because of Michael Vick we educated ourselves and our loved ones, it is because of Michael Vick members our family as well as members of our community changed their “perception(s)” of pit bulls/pit bull type dogs, it is because of Michael Vick a community proposed banning pit bulls however, decided to abandoned the legislation due to the information we (The Pretty Chic with the Pits) provided, it is because of Michael Vick laws are overturning and these dogs are being looked at with prestige again. Everyone wishes to focus on the negative; here at The Pretty Chic with the Pits we are not focusing on the negative...only the positive because that’s the way our dogs view us....POSITIVELY!!

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