Monday, September 26, 2011

I am a dog lover.......BUT

I am a dog lover......BUT

I am a dog lover...BUT, I love all animals....BUT, you have a nice dog...what is he/she?, pit bull...oooooooh well they’re pretty (while they’re backing up), your dog is so mild mannered....BUT as a pit bull owner how many times have you heard these phrases/comments....too many I’m sure. If it’s not the comments it’s the “stare,” walking on the other side of the street, picking up and clutching their dog(s) as if it were a purse and a pit bull is going to steal it.

Recently there was an incident where Krusher was in the front yard playing with my son and daughter when he spotted a cat and made a mad dash for the cat. Krusher is 11 months old and has completed basic obedience class (he was the star pupil). My son and daughter called his name and he immediately came back the front yard and continued to play. There were quite a few spectators watching. Among the spectators were a few of my daughters friends, my son and my next door neighbor. My neighbor told my son he would like to speak with me. I go over there and the first sentence out of his mouth was “I love dogs; you know I am a dog lover BUT! Those three words drive me up a wall; I keep my composure and listened to his concerns (that’s what good neighbors do). After he vents I addressed his concerns. This is where the plot gets thick. I have a female pit bull (Sasha) who my neighbor loves to pieces and back again. Sasha is the first pit bull he said he’s ever been close to let alone touched let alone allowed his daughter near. While petting Sasha my neighbor says “you’re a good dog, cause all dogs are good.” Sasha and Krusher run around my front yard all the time with supervision at ALL times, never had issue from time to time to they will run in my other neighbors yard no issues. What is it about Krusher that has “dog loving” neighbor so frighten? Maybe Krusher isn’t a dog; I looked at his paperwork and clearly it states he is in fact a dog, he barks like a dog, he looks like a dog and he eats dog food obviously he’s a DOG!

Krusher has not attacked anyone or anything (he didn’t get to the cat), his personality is more outgoing than Sasha’s then again Sasha is two years old and Krusher is 11 months old. I am very much aware of peoples ability or inability to “tolerate” things they cannot control. I am sensitive to those who are not comfortable with the bully breed my family chose however, a line has to be drawn. The same thing Sasha does Krusher does, both dogs have received basic training and will continue to receive training to better themselves and assist with being calm and submissive dogs. I leave with this question how much more does /should a pit bull owner do/go through to calm the fears of those who do not try/want to try to get know them?

The Pretty Chic with Pits, Inc.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Love I Never Dreamed I Had

When the Michael Vick dog fighting controversy started I didn't realize at the time that my heart would soon be opened to a love I never dreamed I'd have. Like many, my eyes were wide open and I followed the trial every day with my pre-conceived opinion on the matter (still do).  My attitude at the time was they are just dogs and pit bulls at that so, they deserved it.  Since I had never seen or interacted with a pit bull before the media had told me everything I needed to know about these monsters; they kill folks for no reason, they turn on their owners, and they can't be trusted. It wasn't until my son told me the gory details of what was being done to these dogs; the drowning, electrocution, throwing them off of roofs, etc., it mortified me.  To see the dogs and how scared and visibly shaken they were, stirred something inside of me.  As the trial ended and he was sentenced, life went on as usual for me and my family.

One day while doing homework my daughter and I were watching Animal Planet and their show, "Pit bull and Parolees" was having a marathon and my attention was no longer on my homework.  There on my screen was this thin caucasian lady running after stray pit bulls and caring for more than I could count by herself and it amazed me.  The episode that not only opened my eyes but my heart was about a dog named, Creature (he was so ugly he was cute).  Creatures' story made me realize animals do have feelings, they cry (whine), they feel pain and, most importantly they do know love and know how to love.  Creature had been with Villalobos for a while and his trainer convinced Tiaa to go to an adoption event; long story short a man was interested in Creature however, he had not discussed things over with his wife and Creature was not adopted.  Tiaa and Creatures' handler took him to another event where a family was extremely excited about him and all was well until Tiaa did the home inspection.  The inspection found that the family did not have enough space for Creature and Tiaa was unable to allow the adoption.  The family was obviously disappointed but, the look on Creatures face and his demeanor was heartbreaking.  It was as if he knew he would never be adopted.  After much discussion with my family, we decided to put in an application to adopt Creature but, he had already been adopted. Discussing the episode with co-workers, one of my co-workers who owns three female pit bulls told me about a rescue organization near my home.  My family researched the organization, completed the application and the love I never dreamed of, bullied her way into our lives.  Sasha has been a true joy and major head turner in every sense of the word. Sasha has changed mine and my family's perception of pit bulls.  Not only has she changed our perception but she's also changed others she has had contact with outside of our family.  For those minds that she hasn't changed completely she's definitely changed their perception of pit bulls! Every day I learn something new about Sasha and pit bulls in general.  They are loving, loyal, great with kids, a great companion and like all of GODS creatures need, want and deserve love! Due to Sasha's wonderful personality and love for us, my family decided to adopt another pit bull, Krusher who came from the same organization as Sasha.  He has definitely given us a run for our money.  He came from bad beginnings and we caught the tail end of it, he is the BIGGEST cuddle bug you will ever find! Between Sasha's kisses and Krushers' cuddliness there are no lonely days at our house. It is because of my two loves that I never dreamed I'd have and others sharing their love for this bully breed that this blog has started.  WE are giving a voice to those that can't speak, advocating and fighting for their right to exist and live ANYWHERE, and not to be discriminated against. Punish the deed and not the breed! Judge each case on a case by case scenario. In the end this bully breed did not create tried to create a monster...its the love and compassion of mankind that these dogs still exist!

The Pretty Chic with the Pits, Inc.
"Societies perception is NOT these dogs reality"