Saturday, December 1, 2012


Micro-chipping has been debated for some time and in our opinion it's a no brainer. Show your pet a little more love by micro-chipping her/him. What is a micro-chip? A micro-chip is a tiny device that has either your vets or your personal information (name, address & phone number) that was registered, it has several identifying numbers that a scanner will pick up when it's ran across the pets body. A veterinarian or rescue organization will implant the micro-chip into the middle of the shoulder blade of the skin of the pet (cat, dog), there's no pain, discomfort or bruising to the animal. Why is it important to micro-chip your pet? Should the unfortunate happen (pet is stolen or lost) it makes it easier to find your pet once your pet is found. If your pet is picked up by shelter workers once at the shelter they will use a scanner which they run across your pets body. If your pet has a microchip the scanner picks it up, the information on the microchip shows on the scanner (vet, rescue organization or your personal information)and who's information is on the microchip will be contacted and your pet is home safely quicker. Unlike a leash, collar, name or any other "identifying" markings you can remember about your dog a microchip cannot be tampered with, falsified or removed.

We highly recommend micro-hipping your pet. Sasha & Krush are micro-hipped and the few pups we've rescued are microchip. It's another way of holding people accountable for their dogs actions. This statement is not meant to disrespect or offend anyone. We believe most pet parents are responsible. This statement is for those irresponsible individuals who for whatever reason abandoned their pups. There are plenty of stories from shelters and rescue organizations where pets have been abandoned for days, weeks months and sometimes years. There was a story recently of a family that abandoned their pup in Atlanta, GA. The pup was loyal, he stayed at the house that was empty for 3 years. He survived by eating scraps from the neighbors trash and a few neighbors feeding him. Had the pup been micro-chipped authorities would've known who the family and possibly gone after them for neglect. Thank God this story has a happy ending. The pup was finally taken to the shelter, the news reported the story and now the pup is happy with his new guardian in Ohio. A pet is a companion not a disposable garbage.

It is our belief micro-chipping should be mandatory, it's the same as having a license for your dog. Most cities, counties &municipalities require all pets to be registered, this helps keep track of pets and their rabies shot. There is a small fee to register your pet a please check with your city, county and/or municipality regarding licensing prior to adopting or buying a pet. There are many feel good stories of pets being found alive and well after weeks, even years of being stolen or lost. There was a story a local story around Christmas time last year of a family who lost their beloved pit bull over 8 years ago and the dog was in California. The pup had a microchip which helped bring her home to her family who was eager to be reunited. If that isn't reason enough we don't know what is. Prayerfully your pet isn't stolen or lost however, you can find solace in knowing if your pet is micro-chipped he/she will be found sooner than if he/she isn't.

If your pup isn't microchip and you're interested in getting them micro-chipped please contact your vet or the rescue you adopted from. If either of those are not an option for you here are a few companies you can contact (NOTE: most companies charge either a monthly fee or one time lifetime fee). Please do your research:

Pet Microchip Database: (individuals, veterinarians, shelters or rescues can register, good for US & Global search, $19.99 lifetime)

HomeAgain (endorsed by Betty White, for veterinarians & shelters, national database, lost pet alerts & travel assistance for found lost pets, annual fee $17.99)

24Pet Watch (offers pet insurance as well)