Monday, September 26, 2011

I am a dog lover.......BUT

I am a dog lover......BUT

I am a dog lover...BUT, I love all animals....BUT, you have a nice dog...what is he/she?, pit bull...oooooooh well they’re pretty (while they’re backing up), your dog is so mild mannered....BUT as a pit bull owner how many times have you heard these phrases/comments....too many I’m sure. If it’s not the comments it’s the “stare,” walking on the other side of the street, picking up and clutching their dog(s) as if it were a purse and a pit bull is going to steal it.

Recently there was an incident where Krusher was in the front yard playing with my son and daughter when he spotted a cat and made a mad dash for the cat. Krusher is 11 months old and has completed basic obedience class (he was the star pupil). My son and daughter called his name and he immediately came back the front yard and continued to play. There were quite a few spectators watching. Among the spectators were a few of my daughters friends, my son and my next door neighbor. My neighbor told my son he would like to speak with me. I go over there and the first sentence out of his mouth was “I love dogs; you know I am a dog lover BUT! Those three words drive me up a wall; I keep my composure and listened to his concerns (that’s what good neighbors do). After he vents I addressed his concerns. This is where the plot gets thick. I have a female pit bull (Sasha) who my neighbor loves to pieces and back again. Sasha is the first pit bull he said he’s ever been close to let alone touched let alone allowed his daughter near. While petting Sasha my neighbor says “you’re a good dog, cause all dogs are good.” Sasha and Krusher run around my front yard all the time with supervision at ALL times, never had issue from time to time to they will run in my other neighbors yard no issues. What is it about Krusher that has “dog loving” neighbor so frighten? Maybe Krusher isn’t a dog; I looked at his paperwork and clearly it states he is in fact a dog, he barks like a dog, he looks like a dog and he eats dog food obviously he’s a DOG!

Krusher has not attacked anyone or anything (he didn’t get to the cat), his personality is more outgoing than Sasha’s then again Sasha is two years old and Krusher is 11 months old. I am very much aware of peoples ability or inability to “tolerate” things they cannot control. I am sensitive to those who are not comfortable with the bully breed my family chose however, a line has to be drawn. The same thing Sasha does Krusher does, both dogs have received basic training and will continue to receive training to better themselves and assist with being calm and submissive dogs. I leave with this question how much more does /should a pit bull owner do/go through to calm the fears of those who do not try/want to try to get know them?

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  1. i so understand your frustration, but unfortunately have no answer to your question. i was the lucky parent of a pittie for 8 years, so sweet and playful. he was not the big bad dog of his breed's reputation, but few people gave him the chance to prove that. even family stopped coming over to the house with the excuse that "so and so doesn't like big dogs, but i'm sure he's a sweet dog." you know, you've heard stuff like that from your neighbor. it saddens me and at every turn i attempted to explain what he was really like, but i think it's going to take a whole lot longer and even more education to prove to people what a wonderful breed of dog they are.