Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's so hard to say good bye

As a pet parent we enjoy the good and bad memories our pets give us. Some have had their pets from the beginning of their lives and others at a later point in their pets life.  No matter what stage our pets came in our lives they provide us with many memories.  Memories such as them opening their eyes for the first time to the first time they pottied outside.  Like mankind memories are made daily.  What happens when those good memories turn to making an unthinkable put necessary decision? The decision not to be selfish and let our furever familymember “sleep” eternally with no more pain, no more med and no more pottie pants because they can no longer make it outside to do their business.  We can’t imagine that however, we know that day is coming prayerfully a long, long, long, long time down the road.

For some that decision is being made at this very moment.  Someone is making that decision as we write this blog.  A dear friend of ours has contacted us on several occasions with fear and agony in her voice asking for rprayer for her dog.  Each time her furever family member cheated death and lived another day. After reading a heartbreaking story last week; a conversation ensued.  Would we have the gumption to make the decision of allowing Sasha or Krush to suffer for our own selfish reasons or would we make the decision to help them crossover the rainbow bridge?” That’s a hard question to ask let alone answer.  Prayerfully when the day comes for Sasha & Krush to crossover the rainbow bridge they’ll do so on their own in their sleep with no pain.  As we write this the thought of it brings tears to our eyes.  Who will greet us at the door and genuinely be excited to see us? Who will be at the top of the stairs wagging their backside so hard and fast they can’t walk? Who will we chase and scream "get out of the trash"? Who will help to keep us physically fit with the early morning wake up jumps on the bed because it’s time for their morning walk? Who will hog the covers? Who will leave angry boo boo’s in the middle of the living room when we can’t take them with us? Who will help keep our emotions in check? Who will help us educate and train others? Who will be our motivation? The questions are endless as are the tears that's flowing or flowed for those that know that feeling of how hard it is to say good bye.

When the time comes we pray we won’t be selfish or have to have make the difficult decision; either way it will be hard to say good bye to a friend, companion, confidant, a furever family member.

 This blog is dedicated to all of the dogs that  crossedover the rainbow are loved and greatly missed! Love you Max!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Our 1st Rally!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 was our first rally! We’ve seen them televised, some peaceful and some chaotic; no matter the reasoning, voices are being heard, emotions felt, tears shed, signs written, signs read, media coverage from every angle trying to capture the raw emotions of the crowd.  We found out about the Pit Bull Rally in Annapolis, Monday, April 14th and the thought came across our minds if we were going to go or not.  The rally was scheduled in the middle of the day and in Annapolis, Maryland, do we have the leave (still recuperating from Pits & Pumps) the decision was made that wewere going to attend the rally.  Tuesday,May 15th we woke up to torrential rain and the report it will rain the majority of the day.  Our spirits were dampened alittle yet we were at peace with the decision to attend the rally.  Sent the kids off to school, went to work and when it was time for us to leave work we left. We were unsure as to what to expect considering it was our first rally. 
Upon our arrival to Annapolis, Maryland there was an overwhelming feeling of excitement.

While looking for parking we saw the rally had begun.  There were advocates with their dogs (one person a bull terrier and later a family with a black pit bull terrier), plenty of posters with pictures of beloved pit bulls. Some posters had pictures with family members to include babies and other young children. Many posters in bright colors read “Don’t Bully our Dog," “The only inherently dangerous about my dog are their farts” (we loved that, their farts are lethal), “Our dogs are our family.”  Some posters showed dogs in their therapy jackets.  As we walked up to the rally we were approached by a reporter from a local TV station out of Salisbury, Maryland, he approached us and asked if he could interview us.  Our first rally and we’re being interviewed GREAT was the feeling.  He asked the questions we obliged with respectful, well informed answers.  It was a pleasure seeing so many advocates and pit bull guardians out in full force in the middle of the day.

 As the rally officially kicked off the organizer of the pit bull rally spoke as well as a Senator and few delegates supporting our cause.  As the Delegates and Senators walked by us one advocate an older woman said taught a few of the delegates and pointed them out even chasing one of them down to speak with the delegate about pushing for the pit bull issue to be put on the agenda of the special session.  The atmosphere was electric! Everyone was respectful of each other, there wasn’t anyone there to oppose us,we were so peaceful the police let their guard down.  A few of the Delegates and Senators didn’thave a clue as to why were there (they shouldn’t be elected next term) but the experience was great.  Great networking opportunities came about, we learned about other organizations and a few advocates “liked” us on Facebook and others saw the pictures from Pits &Pumps Fashion Show! It was a great time with a great message for lawmakers and anyone who attempts to take our dogs rights away....don’t mess with us becausewe’re united & we’ll stand for our dogs and against you!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Are Pit Bulls the only dog that bite?

In lieu of Maryland Court of Appeals last week which blindsided everyone; making everyone who knows of someone who’s a guardian of pit bulls responsible should the dog attack someone.  Of course we’re being facetious however, that’s what it boils down to.  Last we checked ALL dogs have teeth, which means ALL dogs have the capability to bite.  The only person(s) that should be liable if the dog (any dog) attacks, nips or bites someone is the guardian of that dog.  The landlord is not responsible because the landlord is not the guardian.  This is another attempt to make this bully breed extinct.  They’ve received unfair handshake for the longest and it's time for it to stop. There are many organizations that are fighting tooth and nail for this bully breed including us however, we cannot do it alone.  We need the support of other advocates, guardians, shelters and rescues, lawyers and communities in general.

Putting band-aids on the situation will not make it go away.  Saying these dogs are "inherently dangerous" is misleading, it's a lie and an unfair assessment.  As much as we like to stay away from Michael Vick case this is a perfect time to bring it up.  The 25 dogs that were seized have found homes and are thriving.  Where’s the "inherently dangerous" side? These dogs were forced to fight for their lives yet with love, kindness and training many of these dogs are living in homes with families which include small children, other animals and are well socialized. Again I ask...where’s the inherently dangerous side? We can speak about our own pitties. Sasha was living with an ailing older pittie and a healthy pittie prior to us adopting her, although she’s picky about her doggie friends she hasn’t attacked anyone or other dog (well her Krush have had sibling rivalry but that’s normal). Krush's story is a little different, he was abandoned in below freezing temperatures at the tender age of 3 months, lived in a house full of dogs and other animals prior to us adopting him (he shows no aggression other food aggression once or twice but that's been nipped).  Many organizations including us  (Pits & Pumps Dog Fashion Show) have events specifically for pit bulls and no incidences occurred. Each dog is an individual and should be judged on an individual & behavioral basis.

Do pitties have the potential to be dangerous? Yes, does any dog have the potential to be dangerous? Yes, so is the answer to ban all dogs? of course no so why are pit bull being banned? Why are their guardians judged harshly and forced to live up to higher standard because of the breed they chose to love? Pit bulls didn’t have an option as to what breed they were bred into. Pit bulls didn’t don't choose their guardians and what they're guardians will have them do  so why are they being punished? Why is humanity failing these dogs  again? Lawmakers, judges, councilmen & women ask yourself this one question “Are pit bulls the only dog that bites?”

Thursday, May 10, 2012

“How could you?” is the title ofa story told by Jim Willis. It’s a story that’s part of our reading to becoming a Certified Dog Obedience Trainer through Animal Behavior College prior to entering the mentorship part of the training.  Being compassionate people reading the first couple of lines we already knew what the outcome was going to be still the tears immediately filled our eyes and we had to put the paper down.  Part of Animal Behavioral College curriculum is to save as many dogs as possible and that means going into shelters to work with the dogs there in an effort to make them appealing to those that visit the shelter in hopes of finding that furever family member.  It took awhile for us topick up the paper to complete the reading as required.  It’s heartbreaking to think this story isn’t about a particular dog but dogs everywhere that are “discarded” by their human counterpart for whatever the reason.  Some of us reading this will say I’ll never do that to my dog and then their dog is now part of this story.

It’s important to understand and have a formidable plan in the event of an emergency or when “life happens.” We have two pitties of our own and prior to adopting there wasn’t a plan, we’re thinking as most do we’re going to be able to weather the storm no matter what.  With the economy, it has caused many loveable pets to become abandoned.  It’s natural for humans to take care of one another in time of need however, what about the pledge one took when they adopted their pet? The thought of leaving Sasha & Krush or having them put down because “life happened” is unfathomable.  With Maryland Court of Appeals decion that the owner of pit bulls/pit bull mixes, the landlord and whoever else was aware the owner had a pit bull  is responsible for any attacks the pit bull makes is ridiculous. The only person that should be responsible is the owner and again every situation is different and should be anaylzed and handled indiviudally.  This decision sounds like genocide to us. The repercussions that will follow this decision will result in many beloved pets asking their owners and the veterinary technician administering the lethal dose of toxins “How could you?”

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It’s your anniversary KRUSH!! So much has gone on in  the month of April (we know it’s now May) but we didn’t want Krush to feel leftout.  April 17th was Krush’s one year anniversary with us! The last year has been full of excitement, joy and mixed emotions, in the end it’s about love and education which is what we got when we adopted Krush.  Unlike Sasha, Krush’s beginning wasn’t the best.  He was tied to the front porch of his home in the dead of winter at the tender age of three months old.  Although Krush was always big for his age he’s always been a cuddle bug. We know most pittie family members hear that but Krush really is a cuddle bug.

In the beginning it was difficult not to feel sorry after hearing his story and seeing how emaciated he was.  When adopting Krush we were told about his food aggression (which we saw once or twice) but it’s been controlled and all is well.  What took us back a little was his insatiable taste for shoes not just any shoes but my stilettos.  We can’t begin to tell you how many pair of shoes he’s eaten.  With every disciplinary action taken for the shoes he’s devoured were as many kisses we/Ireceived.  He cuddles up and plops down as if he’s 25 pounds instead of 66 pounds.  His green eyes, dark reddish brown wavy coat makes all the women coo, ohh and aww over him which is where he got his name Krush (besides him crushing my shoes). Krush has a laid back and superstar attitude.  When he wants attention he’ll stand over you or attempts to get in the driver or passenger seat until you tell him to move or remove him yourself.  His love for life and humans are uncanny.

There’s one story that sticks out the most as I travel down memory lane.  Shortly after adopting Krush our niece was over and it was time to walk Sasha & Krush.  Our niece was 8 years of age at the time and Krush was pretty big boy at 5 months old.  Our daughter was walking Krush and there’s a pack of dogs behind a fence that always bark and carry on whenever we walked the dogs. Krush pulled and our daughter to let go of his leash.  Krush runs to the fence where the dogs are and begins to taunt them. They’re confined to the small backyard.  Our niece runs after Krush grabs his leash and Krush is running full speed, we’re running after them.  Our niece is being drugged and Krush turns around to see what’s holding him back, when he realizes it's our niece he stops in his tracks trots back and licks her face and sits next to her until we get there.  The scene was funny after the fact and of course our sister wasn’t too pleased but it goes to show how loving Krush and this bully breed.

The highlight of your anniversary Krush is having our sisterwho’s afraid of pit bulls walk Krush down the dogwalk at our inaugural Pits& Pumps Dog Fashion Show last Saturday, April 28th! How about that for ahappy anniversary?!