Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why so Cruel?

Beatings, shooting, stabbing, thrown off bridges, being ranover intentionally, forced to eat gun powder, fighting, chained to a tree, forced to live in filth with little to no human contact, set on fire, starvation to name a few are what many animals face.....why? all for someone’s pure unadulterated pleasure. Hearing horror stories of animal abuse makes me think why so cruel? What has happened in one’s life for them to be so cruel to anyone or anything living? Studies have shown most serial killers started their crimes against small animals and eventually escalates to humans.  Animals were put on earth to be companions not for brutality.  Although all animals are abused across the board unfortunately, pit bulls are far more abused.  Why is this? We all can think of a reason but none of them are make sense...it should happen. As an owner of two pits as well as a foster to pit bulls it bothers my spirit to know these animals are targeted not only but the ignorant individuals fight and abuse them to the uneducated law makers who want to ban them.  Since their inceptionpit bulls have been abused and misused for blood sport.  While other breeds were bred to be along side of man hunting, herding and protecting valuables and livestock pit bulls were breed to bait and fight.  How unfair is that? These dogs appeared to be doomed from the beginning. As I have mentioned before I was one of the less educated persons who thought pit bulls were demons and were incapable of love and compassion; thank God for my son who took the blinders off and showed me what this bully breed really is about. 

These abused, scared and neglected animals are at adisadvantage from the beginning because of the type of breed they are.  They did not have a say as what breed they are.  Just like humans don’t have a choice as to who their parents are, what nationality they are however,with proper education humans are able to make rational decisions.  A decision of what’s right and what’s wrong,what brings joy, love and pain is made by humans; these animals don’t have the mindset to rationalize these emotions.  They adapt to their environment because they want to please. They are extremely eager to please and for this they’re abuser(s) use this against the animal.  What’s sad is that the animal/breed is charged not the abuser(s).  Hearing and reading their stories sends various emotions through the body they range from anger, tears of sadness, frustration, helplessness, chills and the one question no one seems to be able to answer....why so cruel?

Should you see or know of ANY animal being abused please report it to the appropriate authorities. We do NOT recommend you take matters into your own hands...however; there are exceptions to every rule!

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