Saturday, November 24, 2012


  Along this journey we've experienced the highs and lows of advocacy, fostering, rescuing, training, heartache of knowing many wonderful dogs losing their lives due to overcrowding shelters, uncaring owners, breed specific legislation and rejection as we've had the door slammed in our faces from other organizations. On the other side we've experienced tears of joy in watching our fosters walk into their new furever home. Occasionally we receive updates on some of our fosters progress which brings more tears of joy but, then there are those that "got" away, and we wonder their fate. There have been the occasional rescue which ends with that dog being trained and a furever happy home found. In our short time in the advocacy/training/rescuing world we've seen and been through a lot. As we often reflect on our journey one thing remains constant.....the "Paw Prints" all pups have left on our hearts and minds.

Pet Insurance

With all of the talk about healthcare there are plenty of questions to ask in deciding which plan is right for you. who's covered? what care is covered? what's the cost of having or not having health insurance? There seems to more questions than answers. The same goes for pet insurance. Most pet parents ask their friends, family members or their veterinarian which company is the best for their furbabies. We've been approached by several pet parents asking us for guidance as well. We are NOT veterinarians nor do we proclaim to be experts on this matter because we do NOT have pet insurance for our furbabies. The reason we chose not to have insurance on Sasha & Krush was due to the cost of the plans and how the companies choose what they will and won't pay for. Some companies would charge a higher premium because of the breed of dog (any dog). For instance a Boxer, which is a breed prone to getting cancer , their pet parent will be charged 3-4 times more than a breed which is prone to hip dysplasia if a company would offer a policy at all. We did find a company whose plan seemed great however, as we researched further (reading the fine print) and comparing other insurance companies we found their practices and cost were the same give or take a couple of dollars. Some company's charge more and give less and others appeared to provide more but did not justify the higher premium. We did not like paying out of pocket first for whatever the procedure and then have the company picking and choosing what they were or were not going to pay.
On the other hand we have heard wonderful stories about insurance and how much money it saved them and they are happy they had it when they needed it. Having a pet is and can be expensive no matter how well you take care of them. Please conduct your research, ask plenty of questions and read the fine print.

We have included a few insurance company's information.

VPI Pet insurance (most popular)

        PurinaCare   (allows you to compare their plan against other carriers on their homepage & covers dental)

Pet Insurance Reviews (highly recommend you read)

PetFirst (covers cats & dogs)

ShelterCare (covers cats & dogs)



Pet Insurance (very popular)