Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Foster.......Failure :(

It took us some time to decide whether or not to foster however, over time seeing the many sad faces and stories we decided to be a part of the solution instead of talking about it.  As we pondered over the question to foster or not to foster of course family and friends were bought into the conversation.  Many of them had their opinions which were silence in the beginning followed by are you becoming an animal hoarder? You already rescued two isn’t that enough? Needless to say their comments were not supportive which left us feeling some kind of way.  Time went on and we enjoyed our home with Krusher & Sasha happy however, the conversation kept coming up.  Finally, we said the hell with what folks say it’s our life and went put in our application to foster! It took some time for the organization to contact us and finally.....the first e-mail came asking are you interested in fostering this pup? It was a busy week for us and we hadn’t checked our e-mails (which is highly unusual for us) so we got a phone call from the director asking if we were still interested in fostering Champ? We shouted with glee YES!SURE! Where is he and when do we pick him up?  Champ was very confident 4 month old black pittie, those ears were the cutest.  Champ had an application on him before we pulled him from the shelter, that fell through and another application was placed on him and he went to be with his furever family,  happy but sad tears.
Another e-mail came asking are you interested in fostering this pup? Wednesday was a 3-4 month old tan pittie.  She was beautiful not as confident as Champ but has the same ears.  The story would not be the same for Wednesday; the shelter allowed an outside adopter to take her. Guess that’s how the ball bounces.  Again we were happy but sad because there’s no way for us to track her progress or the lack thereof.  The shelter takes the application, the adopter picks up the dog or animal and that’s it unless a cruelty case is bought up.  This is a very sad process that must be fixed.  Read about our experience with the shelter through the blog posted November 29, 2011.  A phone call was placed asking if we would get Blue a pittie from the same shelter Champ and Wednesday were housed.  Sure, we said and off the races to pick up “Blue.”  When we arrived there was no information on her.  As usual we asked the worker about her and we were shocked at her condition.  Physically Blue was visibly shaken, scared, nervous and very timid.  Her nerves made her poop and peep. There’s no way she’s ready to be adopted (she had an application on her).  We made our observation known to the director of the organization and no reply.  By the time we were halfway down the street Blue had a name......Holiday.  We found that name fitting considering it’s the holiday season but more importantly for me her name was fitting because of Billie Holiday, a jazz songstress with a troubled life from the beginning and a tragic ending.  This Holiday however, has a second chance at life and we are determined to ensure that her young life will thrive.  We received a text stating Holiday has an appointment with the vet to be spayed and receive all of her shots.  Great, when’s pick up time....no pick up her adopters will pick her up from the vets office…….heartbroken…..no reply.  We were going to be and wanted to be foster....failures :(

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