Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Just about everyone is aware of dogfighting, what it entails, who participates and where it goes down. The usual hot spots are/were on school yards, playgrounds, alleys, back of someones house/apartment complex or abandoned buildings. In may states dog fighting is illegal however, criminals will always find a loophole. It’s apparent dog fighting crews have found another way to continue their criminal activities. The new but not so new trend in dog fighting is called “trunking.” What is trunking? Trunking is a form of dogfighting where two dogs are placed in the trunk of a vehicle once the trunk is closed the fight begins. Participants ride around for a period of time blaring music while the dogs are in the trunk of the vehicle literally fighting for their lives. There is no ventilation in the trunk, very little space and these dogs are forced to fight for air, space and a will live....all for money, glory and a fake reputation as being or having the baddest dog on the block. Talk about the ultimate bloodsport. After those lacking intellect decide enough time has pass they meet a mutual spot with the other dogs owner to see which dog was “victorious.” A winner is determined by who “survived.” In many cases one dog is dead the other badly wounded he/she may succumb to their injuries sooner or later. Neither dog receives proper care for their injuries ( for obvious reasons) or is laid to rest properly. Many of these dogs are discarded like garbage, found in garbage cans or left on the side of the road, left where they died in the field or thrown over bridges. For those that do survive but are severely injured are killed because the likelihood of them winning the next fight is slim to none. The winner or should I say the loser in the end is scared, scarred, damaged, barely alive only to fight another day. As cruel as this may sound it’s almost better for them to die in the trunk rather to have to deal with the torture of fighting for his/her again.

Individuals that participate in this act are depraved and have very little to no regard for life. For those who have or will say ”they're just dogs” yes they are dogs, dogs that deserve the right to live their lives to the fullest, knowing, receiving and giving love. It is because of these unintelligent folk that Breed Specific Legalisation (BSL) exists, the reason these dogs are deemed “potentially” dangerous, society scared of them making negative statements that these dogs are deemed incapable of knowing love, giving love or receiving love is flat out WRONG. With proper care these dogs after experiencing all they have experienced are capable of receiving, giving love and thrive. The Humane Society is offering a $5,000 award for information leading the arrest and conviction of participants in “trunking.” Police departments around country are being trained on how to detect and handle “trunking” activity or incidents. Lets be vigilant for those that don’t have a voice or a choice.

The Pretty Chic with the Pits
“Societies perception is NOT these dogs reality”

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