Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trying Times!

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind of emotions from all of the organizations posting what appears to be hundreds of  thousands of pictures of available dogs for adoption that will be euthanized within the next 24 hours to saving Lennox to a rescue organization closing it’s doors due to the lack of support from the community. Lennox is a male pit bull that was taken unlawfully from his owners because he is a pit bull!  NOT because he’s a menace to society, NOT because he’s attacked or bitten anyone or another animal but because he's a pit bull.  He was taken away because he’s a pit bull and the “potential” damage he could inflict if he were to attack or bite someone or another animal.  We’re sick andt ired of folks judging and misrepresenting this bully breed.  What’s funny to us is that these dogs aren’t a BREED.  How can something that cannot be identified per se cause so much hate and discontent?

This dog like many others that resemble Lennox face discrimination, hate and pay the ultimate price with their life, yet those that have caused the hate and discontent walk around free to cause more hate and discontent.  These individuals are not held accountable for their actions and instead of the powers that be taking a stronger look into punishing these individuals they’re thinking it’s easier to ban the dogs.  With so many cities repealing bans on specific breeds it's safe to say banning a breed is NOT the solution.  We’re not dealing with law abiding citizens, the majority of these individuals are criminals to one extent or another.  What are we saying? If it’s illegal to have a particular breed it’s more appealing to these individuals and if they can’t or won’t deal with the breed of their choice the next step for them is to go underground or find another breed to victimize.

Our facebook page was filled with such sad faces and cases we chose to unfriend a few organizations because it was too overwhelming.  No one said being an advocate would be easy however, being bombarded with such negative images wasn’t fueling us, it was doing the opposite, it made us feel inadequate, it caused us to doubt if ourefforts were making a difference.  This is one job that is strictly volunteer and it is not for the faint at heart.  Many days we’re holding our heads in our hands, tears streaming down our face asking why can’t we or someone help these dogs, ALL of the dogs? Many of our conversations consist us asking Why?Why are people so cruel? Why did this dog have to suffer? What did this dog do to deserve such fate? Who do we need to call? More questions very few answers.  These are the questions we ask in these trying times.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Power of Love

Love is defined as a deep tender feeling of affections for or attachment or devotion for a person or persons.  We’re supposed to love one another, that’s one of the commandments in the bible. Not only are we supposed to love one another but animals too.  Some may say animal lovers are crazy, insane or fanatics when it comes to the love they show their four legged counterparts.  Love will make you do things you ordinarily wouldn’t do.  As Al Green put it “love will make you  do right, love will make you do wrong, love will make you come home early, love will make you stay out late.” The love one has for their pet can run deep.  Love caused us to fight for a cause we otherwise would not have thought about. The power of love caused us to reach out to people we ordinarily would not reach out to.  The power of love caused us to change careers.  The powerof love has caused us to walk up to a complete strangers and provide them with suggestions/tips on walking their dog, interacting with their dog, what to feed their dog and what equipment (toys, walking harness etc.) would be best for their dog.  The power of love caused us to help dogs in other cities and countries.   The power of love provided us with a purpose, passion and desire to make a change not only in our lives but the lives of our family, friends and others both human and canines alike.  The power of love bought our family and community together.  Love has the power to change a negative to a positive.  Try love today!