Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's so hard to say good bye

As a pet parent we enjoy the good and bad memories our pets give us. Some have had their pets from the beginning of their lives and others at a later point in their pets life.  No matter what stage our pets came in our lives they provide us with many memories.  Memories such as them opening their eyes for the first time to the first time they pottied outside.  Like mankind memories are made daily.  What happens when those good memories turn to making an unthinkable put necessary decision? The decision not to be selfish and let our furever familymember “sleep” eternally with no more pain, no more med and no more pottie pants because they can no longer make it outside to do their business.  We can’t imagine that however, we know that day is coming prayerfully a long, long, long, long time down the road.

For some that decision is being made at this very moment.  Someone is making that decision as we write this blog.  A dear friend of ours has contacted us on several occasions with fear and agony in her voice asking for rprayer for her dog.  Each time her furever family member cheated death and lived another day. After reading a heartbreaking story last week; a conversation ensued.  Would we have the gumption to make the decision of allowing Sasha or Krush to suffer for our own selfish reasons or would we make the decision to help them crossover the rainbow bridge?” That’s a hard question to ask let alone answer.  Prayerfully when the day comes for Sasha & Krush to crossover the rainbow bridge they’ll do so on their own in their sleep with no pain.  As we write this the thought of it brings tears to our eyes.  Who will greet us at the door and genuinely be excited to see us? Who will be at the top of the stairs wagging their backside so hard and fast they can’t walk? Who will we chase and scream "get out of the trash"? Who will help to keep us physically fit with the early morning wake up jumps on the bed because it’s time for their morning walk? Who will hog the covers? Who will leave angry boo boo’s in the middle of the living room when we can’t take them with us? Who will help keep our emotions in check? Who will help us educate and train others? Who will be our motivation? The questions are endless as are the tears that's flowing or flowed for those that know that feeling of how hard it is to say good bye.

When the time comes we pray we won’t be selfish or have to have make the difficult decision; either way it will be hard to say good bye to a friend, companion, confidant, a furever family member.

 This blog is dedicated to all of the dogs that  crossedover the rainbow are loved and greatly missed! Love you Max!

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  1. Herman crossed the rainbow bridge April of this year. Thank you for this post.