Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Power of Love

Love is defined as a deep tender feeling of affections for or attachment or devotion for a person or persons.  We’re supposed to love one another, that’s one of the commandments in the bible. Not only are we supposed to love one another but animals too.  Some may say animal lovers are crazy, insane or fanatics when it comes to the love they show their four legged counterparts.  Love will make you do things you ordinarily wouldn’t do.  As Al Green put it “love will make you  do right, love will make you do wrong, love will make you come home early, love will make you stay out late.” The love one has for their pet can run deep.  Love caused us to fight for a cause we otherwise would not have thought about. The power of love caused us to reach out to people we ordinarily would not reach out to.  The power of love caused us to change careers.  The powerof love has caused us to walk up to a complete strangers and provide them with suggestions/tips on walking their dog, interacting with their dog, what to feed their dog and what equipment (toys, walking harness etc.) would be best for their dog.  The power of love caused us to help dogs in other cities and countries.   The power of love provided us with a purpose, passion and desire to make a change not only in our lives but the lives of our family, friends and others both human and canines alike.  The power of love bought our family and community together.  Love has the power to change a negative to a positive.  Try love today!

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