Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It’s your anniversary KRUSH!! So much has gone on in  the month of April (we know it’s now May) but we didn’t want Krush to feel leftout.  April 17th was Krush’s one year anniversary with us! The last year has been full of excitement, joy and mixed emotions, in the end it’s about love and education which is what we got when we adopted Krush.  Unlike Sasha, Krush’s beginning wasn’t the best.  He was tied to the front porch of his home in the dead of winter at the tender age of three months old.  Although Krush was always big for his age he’s always been a cuddle bug. We know most pittie family members hear that but Krush really is a cuddle bug.

In the beginning it was difficult not to feel sorry after hearing his story and seeing how emaciated he was.  When adopting Krush we were told about his food aggression (which we saw once or twice) but it’s been controlled and all is well.  What took us back a little was his insatiable taste for shoes not just any shoes but my stilettos.  We can’t begin to tell you how many pair of shoes he’s eaten.  With every disciplinary action taken for the shoes he’s devoured were as many kisses we/Ireceived.  He cuddles up and plops down as if he’s 25 pounds instead of 66 pounds.  His green eyes, dark reddish brown wavy coat makes all the women coo, ohh and aww over him which is where he got his name Krush (besides him crushing my shoes). Krush has a laid back and superstar attitude.  When he wants attention he’ll stand over you or attempts to get in the driver or passenger seat until you tell him to move or remove him yourself.  His love for life and humans are uncanny.

There’s one story that sticks out the most as I travel down memory lane.  Shortly after adopting Krush our niece was over and it was time to walk Sasha & Krush.  Our niece was 8 years of age at the time and Krush was pretty big boy at 5 months old.  Our daughter was walking Krush and there’s a pack of dogs behind a fence that always bark and carry on whenever we walked the dogs. Krush pulled and our daughter to let go of his leash.  Krush runs to the fence where the dogs are and begins to taunt them. They’re confined to the small backyard.  Our niece runs after Krush grabs his leash and Krush is running full speed, we’re running after them.  Our niece is being drugged and Krush turns around to see what’s holding him back, when he realizes it's our niece he stops in his tracks trots back and licks her face and sits next to her until we get there.  The scene was funny after the fact and of course our sister wasn’t too pleased but it goes to show how loving Krush and this bully breed.

The highlight of your anniversary Krush is having our sisterwho’s afraid of pit bulls walk Krush down the dogwalk at our inaugural Pits& Pumps Dog Fashion Show last Saturday, April 28th! How about that for ahappy anniversary?!

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