Monday, May 14, 2012

Are Pit Bulls the only dog that bite?

In lieu of Maryland Court of Appeals last week which blindsided everyone; making everyone who knows of someone who’s a guardian of pit bulls responsible should the dog attack someone.  Of course we’re being facetious however, that’s what it boils down to.  Last we checked ALL dogs have teeth, which means ALL dogs have the capability to bite.  The only person(s) that should be liable if the dog (any dog) attacks, nips or bites someone is the guardian of that dog.  The landlord is not responsible because the landlord is not the guardian.  This is another attempt to make this bully breed extinct.  They’ve received unfair handshake for the longest and it's time for it to stop. There are many organizations that are fighting tooth and nail for this bully breed including us however, we cannot do it alone.  We need the support of other advocates, guardians, shelters and rescues, lawyers and communities in general.

Putting band-aids on the situation will not make it go away.  Saying these dogs are "inherently dangerous" is misleading, it's a lie and an unfair assessment.  As much as we like to stay away from Michael Vick case this is a perfect time to bring it up.  The 25 dogs that were seized have found homes and are thriving.  Where’s the "inherently dangerous" side? These dogs were forced to fight for their lives yet with love, kindness and training many of these dogs are living in homes with families which include small children, other animals and are well socialized. Again I ask...where’s the inherently dangerous side? We can speak about our own pitties. Sasha was living with an ailing older pittie and a healthy pittie prior to us adopting her, although she’s picky about her doggie friends she hasn’t attacked anyone or other dog (well her Krush have had sibling rivalry but that’s normal). Krush's story is a little different, he was abandoned in below freezing temperatures at the tender age of 3 months, lived in a house full of dogs and other animals prior to us adopting him (he shows no aggression other food aggression once or twice but that's been nipped).  Many organizations including us  (Pits & Pumps Dog Fashion Show) have events specifically for pit bulls and no incidences occurred. Each dog is an individual and should be judged on an individual & behavioral basis.

Do pitties have the potential to be dangerous? Yes, does any dog have the potential to be dangerous? Yes, so is the answer to ban all dogs? of course no so why are pit bull being banned? Why are their guardians judged harshly and forced to live up to higher standard because of the breed they chose to love? Pit bulls didn’t have an option as to what breed they were bred into. Pit bulls didn’t don't choose their guardians and what they're guardians will have them do  so why are they being punished? Why is humanity failing these dogs  again? Lawmakers, judges, councilmen & women ask yourself this one question “Are pit bulls the only dog that bites?”

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