Monday, May 21, 2012

Our 1st Rally!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 was our first rally! We’ve seen them televised, some peaceful and some chaotic; no matter the reasoning, voices are being heard, emotions felt, tears shed, signs written, signs read, media coverage from every angle trying to capture the raw emotions of the crowd.  We found out about the Pit Bull Rally in Annapolis, Monday, April 14th and the thought came across our minds if we were going to go or not.  The rally was scheduled in the middle of the day and in Annapolis, Maryland, do we have the leave (still recuperating from Pits & Pumps) the decision was made that wewere going to attend the rally.  Tuesday,May 15th we woke up to torrential rain and the report it will rain the majority of the day.  Our spirits were dampened alittle yet we were at peace with the decision to attend the rally.  Sent the kids off to school, went to work and when it was time for us to leave work we left. We were unsure as to what to expect considering it was our first rally. 
Upon our arrival to Annapolis, Maryland there was an overwhelming feeling of excitement.

While looking for parking we saw the rally had begun.  There were advocates with their dogs (one person a bull terrier and later a family with a black pit bull terrier), plenty of posters with pictures of beloved pit bulls. Some posters had pictures with family members to include babies and other young children. Many posters in bright colors read “Don’t Bully our Dog," “The only inherently dangerous about my dog are their farts” (we loved that, their farts are lethal), “Our dogs are our family.”  Some posters showed dogs in their therapy jackets.  As we walked up to the rally we were approached by a reporter from a local TV station out of Salisbury, Maryland, he approached us and asked if he could interview us.  Our first rally and we’re being interviewed GREAT was the feeling.  He asked the questions we obliged with respectful, well informed answers.  It was a pleasure seeing so many advocates and pit bull guardians out in full force in the middle of the day.

 As the rally officially kicked off the organizer of the pit bull rally spoke as well as a Senator and few delegates supporting our cause.  As the Delegates and Senators walked by us one advocate an older woman said taught a few of the delegates and pointed them out even chasing one of them down to speak with the delegate about pushing for the pit bull issue to be put on the agenda of the special session.  The atmosphere was electric! Everyone was respectful of each other, there wasn’t anyone there to oppose us,we were so peaceful the police let their guard down.  A few of the Delegates and Senators didn’thave a clue as to why were there (they shouldn’t be elected next term) but the experience was great.  Great networking opportunities came about, we learned about other organizations and a few advocates “liked” us on Facebook and others saw the pictures from Pits &Pumps Fashion Show! It was a great time with a great message for lawmakers and anyone who attempts to take our dogs rights away....don’t mess with us becausewe’re united & we’ll stand for our dogs and against you!

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