Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!


Prayerfully everyone had a wonderful and joyous Christmas/Holiday Season! Spending time with family and friends at times will melt your heart or scratching and crawling to get away from them. Many wonderful families welcomed became first time pet parents or added playmates or companions. To who adopted this holiday season CONGRATULATIONS & enjoy!

Although this is a new year the same old, same old continues. Read a story on about a man, named Ivory who saved a pit bull pup, named Chocolate that was abandoned and near death. Ivory is a man who admitted he suffers from mental and physical handicapped. Ivory is confined to a wheelchair, while some may say he can barely care for himself he opened his heart and home to another that needed his help. Ivory nursed Chocolate to health while taking care of himself the best he knows how. A feel good story right? Not quite, Ivory and Chocolate are homeless. Ivory asked his landlord if he could keep Chocolate the answer was NO. Other occupants of the complex have pets so why can’t Ivory have Chocolate? Could it be because Chocolate is a pit bull? Is there anything in the lease that specifies which breeds are acceptable? Is there a weight requirement? These answers are not known. A man who is mentally and physically ill yet he had enough compassion and love for another living being not to leave let it die. Ivory has given up his piece of mind, the comforts of his home in order to give Chocolate a second chance at life. Shortly after the documentary detailing Ivory and Chocolates ordeal, Ivory (a mental and unstable man) made the decision to check himself into a mental hospital and take Chocolate to a veterinary clinic until Ivory is better.

How many of us willing to become fight or become homeless for their furever family member? Honestly, we will fight for Sasha & Krush a as long as we can and that’s being honest (should for any reason we are unable to care for Sasha &Krush it is in our contract that we must re-home them with the organization we adopted them from). That brings a very small piece of mind but we will do EVERYTHING to keep them with us at all times. What Ivory and many others do for their furever family members is commendable however, it should not come down being homeless. NO one should have to make this decision; unfortunately due to breed discriminatory legislation or breed specific legislation many have to make this tough decision; from military families or those who lost their homes. It is because of this story and many like Ivory and Chocolate that breed legislation should be repealed and those irresponsible owners should be punished or banned.

We encourage all who read this blog to read the story on website. It is important to understand what BDL or BSL is doing to families, please contact your local legislative representative if you live where BDL or BSL exits and ask for it to be repealed. If this story does nothing else it shows compassion...we all have it. Volunteer at your local SPCA, shelter or rescued organization and most importantly love each other and help those less fortunate than you ALL year round!

Have a safe & PROSPEROUS 2012...the YEAR of the Pit Bull

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