Thursday, January 19, 2012

Control your dog...please

Had an experience this past weekend (Saturday, January 7,2012).  While walking our newest foster a 3 month old pup name Peanut the president of our HOA, who lives across the street had his beloved Golden Retriever off leash in their front yard as they usually do to do his business and go about their business.  Peanut smells him from across the street, the Golden Retriever sees Peanut and makes a mad dash across the street (it’s a main thorough fare) snarling and bearing his teeth.  The neighbor says in an extremely low voice "come here whatever the dogs name is" he does this several times and the dog isn’t paying any attention to his owner.  Peanut is standing his ground and wanting to play; the dog isn’t focused on Peanut he turns his attention to me.  I stood my ground with calm and assertive energy as Cesar mentions many times on his show Dog Whisper; although I felt some kind of way.  Anger started to build in me and at that point the dog finally runs back across the street to his owner as if all is well with the world. The neighbor then says to me “cute puppy.” It took everything in me not to say a few choice words that were on my lips. 

This is not the first incident with this dog.  Shortly after Sasha was adopted, while walking Sasha on her leash the same dog charged us and frightened Sasha and a fight almost ensued.  We controlled Sasha and the neighbor’s wife was out at that time and called the dog, thank God we had control over Sasha more importantly Sasha was a leash and she controlled herself.  An apology was given and life went on.  During the walk it was discussed that if it had been the other way around meaning Sasha charged their dog or if Sasha would’ve reacted negatively our dog would’ve been at fault and life would be a living hell for us.  Why is it ok for other dogs to be off leash, terrorize the neighborhood? A fake smile is givin and we’re suppose to be ok with that? It’s NEVER ok and it is the responsibility of ALL pet owners to control their pet.

Another incident happened when a dachshund charged Sasha out of the bushes, again Sasha was on leash and we’re walking minding our business.  We turned around to walk away from the dog however, the dog kept pursuing Sasha.  Finally, an older couple (the dogs owner came out) bringing their groceries in the house, they looked at us as if we caused a disturbance, barely apologized  and kept it moving.  Again, had that been my dogs the story would've been different. 

The moral of the story CONTROL your dog cause mine is alwaysunder my control!

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