Monday, January 23, 2012

Bridging the Gap

Fostering is filled with many emotions.  It’s almost like being in a relationship,there are highs and  lows.  A dog comes into the care of an organization usually in bad shape (not always), needing shelter, food, love, medical care or all of the above. Foster families are the bridge between that animal receiving love, shelter, food and obedience until a furever family finds their companion, partner, life saver or all theabove.  Most of the dogs that come in our care are abused, bruised and scared; then they come across that bridge, their savior, the person that shows them love, that reassures them and gives thems helter, food, and medical attention needed for them to cross the bridge of happiness, love, tenderness, confidence, training and obedience. 
Bridging the gap isn’t always peaches and cream nor is it the pits (no pun intended).  There are many cases that make you cry and some that make you smile and there are those cases which require a tough decision to be made as to whether a dog lives or dies.  Bridging the gap means sometimes being there for that dog prior to her/him crossing over the Rainbow Bridge.  No matter the reasoning behind us bridging the gap it’s pleasureable and painful standing in the gap for these wonderful creatures. 

Get involved and you’ll understand what we mean when we say it’s pleasureable and sometimes painful!

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