Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Anniversay Sasha!!

Happy anniversary Sasha!!

Today is a day of celebration and jubilation! On this day last year it was a Sunday and we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of Sasha Taylor Parker. It was the longest day of our lives. The harassment started many many years ago of asking and desiring a dog. A fight was put up however, we were worn down and decided to look into adopting a dog. A breed had not been selected until the Mike Vick case, our son & Villalobos, between the combination it was destined that a an American Pit Bull Terrier was going to become part of our family. After much research, reading and speaking with others that adopted this bully breed we felt comfortable with forging ahead with this bully breed. We contacted Villalobos regarding their dog Krunch however,after watching an episode about Creature and his many failed adoptions our minds were changed and we wanted Creature. Speaking to a co-worker who had 3 female pitties she told me about about a local organization that rescues pit bulls...Bully Paws. We contacted them before however, no one answered the phone and we let it be. She told me to try again, which we did after thoroughly researching them. We scanned the many photos of all the adoptabull pitties.

Our criterion was not stringent so we thought. We wanted a dog that didn’t require much training, NO puppies although they are so cute and cuddly, had to be energetic (thought I did my research cause this bully breed has nothing but energy), loving, cuddly and get along with children, love car rides for we’re a family always on the go and the dog had to get along with other dogs. Of course in conducting our research we were aware of why this breed was bred, which was for idiots pure entertainment by fighting other dogs and bull & bear baiting which was a huge concern however, our son had experience with these bullies and assured us with the proper upbringing we won’t have the that issue and the experts said the same. So the search continued and there was one dog that stood all white American Pit Bull Terrier, her picture in the background was red and complimented her coat, something had her attention and it appeared to make her smile. Is she smiling we asked and laughed and kept looking at the other pictures. Personally, I wanted a male and one captured my attention however, everyone else was focused on the female that smiled at us. Her bio read nice, she wasn’t abandoned, abused or neglected but given up by force because the residence where her and her owners were living did not allow pets so she was bought to the shelter where she stayed for three month. At the time of her arrival at the shelter she was 3 months which meant she was in the shelter until she was 6 months and taken in by Bully Paws. By the time we saw her, Sasha was a little over a year. After many discussions and research we decided to put in an application. A response was provided immediately. A phone interview was conducted, our references were checked and a home visit was done. While all of this was going on we inquired about Sasha and another pup around the same age as Sasha. The foster mother of Sasha contacted us immediately and no word from the other dogs foster. Many e-mail conversations went back and forth regarding Sasha and our family. How she would fit in? What is her temperament? How’s her health? How is she with children & other dogs? Every question you could think of we asked. She was very patient and understanding that this was our first pit bull and honestly, I was still scared and nervous whereas everyone else was cool, confident and excited. Thinking out loud I said are we sure this is the right chose? There are so many other breeds that are “nicer” lets continue to look around.

Well time was running out because we received the phone call and heard “your application has been approved!” Are you sure? Yes, where would you like to meet? We can meet you at your house or you can come to the adoption event we’re having. You would’ve thought it was Christmas everyone was jumping for joy. The decision was made to bring her to our house. That was the longest day of our lives. It was a Sunday and Sasha and her foster mom were coming around 3:00pm. So much needed to be done but nothing could get done because of the nerves. The phone rang a thousand times asking if Sasha had arrived and what is she like etc. Literally everyone was on pins and needles with excitement. Finally, 3:00pm came no sign of Sasha and no phone call saying they were on their way or something happened. The anxiety was killing us and overwhelming. Then a car pulls up.... is it...could it it wasn’t....wait YES it is! All we heard was SHE’S HERE, SHE’S HERE!! Everyone runs downstairs, I’m upstairs praying we made the right decision. In comes Sasha as beautiful as her picture but a little bigger. Take her off the leash let her smell around. She was looking for my moms dog who passed in 2010 (he was hit by a car).

We now know why these dogs are called bullies. Sasha Taylor Parker bullied her way through the door and into our hearts. Her bottom and tail wagged so fast she could barley walk or stand. She jumped, gave kisses (the only way pitties know how to) and was a ball of excitement & energy. Her disposition was and still is sweet. She excelled in obedience training, loves absolutely loves car rides & children. Other dogs ummm we’re still working on that...Hey we can’t get everything we want! Happy anniversary Sasha, we look forward to many many many many more happy anniversaries!!!

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