Monday, March 5, 2012

Who saved who?

Who saved who? Many in the world of rescue ask this question.  Those on the outside looking in don’t seem to understand this phrase or question let’s see if we can make it clear.  Often times our companions, pets, furever family members come into our lives when we least expect them.  Meaning we’re looking for something but don’t know what it is. Trying to fill a void but not knowing what’s missing. 
Circumstance(s) have brought us together yet we don’t know why.  We’re thinking it’s a picture, the sad story that goes along with the picture, being on our own fort he first time, needing a companion, needing a new love because the old is gone. Whatever the reasoning there’s a connection between us and I need to save you from your horrific current situation.  Once in my possession feelings that weren’t there before are now here and have me feeling some kind of way. A way that I never felt before! All I seem to do is speak about you and all of the wonderful things you do, even the not so wonderful things you do. Everywhere I go, you’re there or I’m thinking about you and how lonely you must feel without me being there.  You’re my new BESTFRIEND! I tellyou everything and when I’m not feeling so hot you put your paw on me, nuzzle/snuggle up and give me kisses only you can and all is well in my world again.  You make the cloudiest day sunny!

The shopping cart is now filled with only the best food for you, treats, treats and more treats for you.  And while we’re on the topic of shopping; can’t go past the clothing aisle without picking up a cute sweater or t-shirt that fits your personality to a “T.” I’m thinking I’m doing you a favor by taking you out for a walk to do your business but little do I know I’m getting stronger, lungs are opening up and filled with good air, my heart is stronger and my over allhealth is great (doctors love you for what you’re doing for me).  Your silly antics keep me laughing which add years to my life.  Your visits at the vets office provides you with a clean bill of health as well so we’re going to be together for a long time!.  Being the first face I see when I get home from work or running errands brightens the day, snuggling with you calms my fears and walking with you gives me courage to talk to folks that I would otherwise not speak to.  Having you in my life has made me a better person, a better mother, a better father, a better friend, a better companion, a more responsible child.  The list goes on and on and the question comes up again who really saved who? I would have to say YOU saved me!

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