Monday, March 26, 2012

Thou Shalt NEVER Trust Thy Pit Bull Not To Fight

A couple of weeks ago something tragic happened at our house, Krush & Sasha got into a fight.  Rule number one in the Ten Commandments of Pit Bull ownership “Thou shalt NEVER trust thy Pit Bull not to fight” after all that’s what they were bred to do (not happy about it) but hey truth hurts.  Sasha & Krush have had their sibling growl and Sasha letting Krush know she was here first and she’s the dominant one although Krush is bigger than Sasha. Correction in the dog world is expected and accepted by the dogs and humans.  This however, was different...this was again human error.  Muchd ebate went on in the household as to whether or not we should blog about this incident.  The decision was made that we would.  We don’t want to be hypocrites...if we report others we will report ourselves.  We were getting ready to train Sasha & Krush when a member of our family thought it would be “funny” to put the treat bag around Krushs’ neck (Krush was neglected as a pup and has food aggression, which we had a handle on) the bag was full of treats and of course Krush was trying to get to the treats, Sasha went for the treats and a full fledged fight ensued. It was horrible, we were scared, everyone was scrambling, none of the techniques we saw Cesar do worked, all of the research on how to separate them didn’t work.  Sasha &Krush fought from side of the room to the other, in the hallway and down the stairs.  Finally, they were separated however, tensions were high on both sides.  We were pissed at the family member and Sasha was ready for another round.  Krush didn’t want any parts of Sasha.  We were thankful their injuries weren’t as bad as they could’ve been.

This is what we advocate about ignorance! How could the very thing we advocate for happened in our home? How will anyone listen to us, join forces with us, believe in us? The questions kept running through our heads.  It was a couple of sleepless nights and tensions ran high for a couple of days again on both sides.  Finally we agreed it had to stop and walking with both Sasha & Krush resumes which seemed to make amends, however, we were still on high alert.  It has been a couple of weeks since the incident, the physical scars both Sasha & Krush had have healed. They’re playing and enjoying themselves as if nothing happened.  On the other hand the incident is fresh in our minds and as Cesar stated dogs live in the moment but it’s the humans that keep the incident fresh in our minds.
We learned something about ourselves and the situation.... it’s important to live in the moment and never forget to educate those closest to you as well as the public.

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