Monday, March 12, 2012

Changing Minds & Careers

We’d never thought we would find ourselves in the middle of the ring in the biggest fight of our lives!  We’re at a crossroads...What are we thinking? Surely you know we have a family, bills and a life? The reaction has been: you’ve gone too far and I’m not sure if I can stand by you on this. This was a conversation had when I decided to change minds which includes changing careers.  After careful thought and many, many, many, many, many and many more conversations it was decided we would make the necessary changes to change the mindset, perception of pit bulls and change careers to do so. For better or for worst we’re in this together (ok sometimes one is in  than the other) however, we’re together and we’re going to change the pittie world for the best!
We’re in training like Floyd Mayweather! Our sparring partner are the lawmakers, abusers and anyone who stands in our way.  Back toschool it is for us as well as Sasha & Krush (they’re such good troopers). Our vision is armed with the proper information and right techniques those that find wonderful furever homes will stay in them! Besides training we’ll offer other resources for those that are unable to keep their furvever family member due to financial hardships.  We’re building a community while strengthening the bond between canine and human kind while/perceptions & careers!

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