Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finding Purpose in our Passion

Passion is defined as any emotions as hate, grief, love, fear, joy, extreme, compelling emotions intense emotional drive or excitement.  We’ve all experienced “passion” at one point in our lives (hopefully on the high side). Passion causes movement; it makes us get involved in whatever it is we’re passionate about.  Some are passionate about cars, video games, sports, clothing, shopping, animals etc.  It’s evident what we’re passionate about here at The Pretty Chic with the Pits LLC.

 At one point we were scared to share our passion because its “unusual” in our culture or circle of friends to love our pets as we do.  Everyone rejoiced with us when we adopted Sasha, it was almost expected  for us to get a dog considering we’re homeowners. The excitement intensified with each conversation.   It was all about Sasha, no more about the kids it was all about Sasha and what Sasha did or what we and Sasha did. Now we know how the young girl from the Brady Bunch felt when she said the infamous saying “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha it’s all about Marsha.”  Sasha was the highlight of our lives and we wanted everyone to know about her.  Sasha bought so much love into our lives that we decided to adopt Krush.  The questions began: Why did ya’ll get another dog? Are ya’ll becoming hoarders? With the questions we began to feel a certain way towards those we thought supported us.

Still feeling more needed to be done we signed up to become fosters.  That was was the end of the world!  “Ya’ll are doing too much; We’re going to call Animal Planet hoarders etc. is what we heard and faced from our circle of family and friends.   To us it was apparent we were passionate and love the feeling of saving these dogs and putting them in loving homes.  Again the feeling of not being accepted was a bit much for us so we became secluded and introverts which isn’t us at all..we are very much extroverts.

 Everyone who would listen we talked about pit bulls and the love we and others have for them.  Many have contacted us after we posted facts about pit bulls saying they didn’t know this or that and wow these dogs sound awesome.  Then the next question comes...Why do they have such as bad rap? We explain and continue to educate & advocate for them.  Some have jumped on the wagon others are ok with the information and keep it moving.

Finally finding our purpose was like being reborn again! We couldn’t stop thanking God for finally showing up and showing out in our lives and the lives of this wonderful, loving bully breed! Once we decided to not allow anyone to steal our joy we moved forward with our passion and to our surprise found was many who shunned or talked about us began showing their support.  We have a vision, a dream, a goal & a PASSION and we’re running with our heads held high!

Stay tuned in there is  much, much, much more to come in the very near future!

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