Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who's at fault?

Who’s at fault is something we’ve pondered for a while when it comes to American Pitbulls Terriers, StaffordshireTerriers, American Bulldogs and other breeds of dogs that are used for fighting? Is it the foolish folks that breed them to fight for their own idiotic non-amusing entertainment or is it the folks of this modern age that know better? With so many stories in the news regarding the many dog fightingbusts from our backyard to those across seas (Philippines being the latest),who’s at fault and what can we do to eliminate this blood sport?
Michael Vick went to jail for 23 months had his career taken away from him and continues to be ridiculed by the dog world yet Joe Blow down the street posts bail and all is forgotten until he gets caught again. Although there are laws that protect animals from cruel and unusual punishment they’re not being enforced regularly so who’s at fault? In Memphis,TN the head of the animal control is heard on tape saying “any dog that looks like a Pit Bull is to be killed immediately” from the agency the head veterinarian is interviewed by the local news anchor; when asked if they attempted to find homes for Pit Bull he admits “they do not actively seek homes for these dogs” who’s at fault for hiring this guy as well as the head of the agency who’s heard on tape saying killing any dog that comes in the facility that looks like a Pit Bull.  This same agency has been linked to selling the same dogs they’re supposed to protect to a local dog fighting ring. With so much corruption going on in one city agency who’s at fault? Whereis PETA? Who’s at fault when these dogs suffer, abuse, neglect, prejudice atthe very hands of who’s supposed to protect them?

Where is the accountability? Where is the pittie family thatshould ban together to stop this foolishness? Where is PETA in all of this mess? They pick and choose their battle, which celebrity to go after however, forgetting about the very foundation in which they were founded on which is to protect the welfare of animals.  Ensuring these animals have rights because they’re voices can’t be heard. It’s about political notoriety, seeing their name in lights, who’s at fault when those that need their voices heard the most are silenced by discrimination, folks desiring to see these animals extinct like dinosaurs? Once known as America’s dog, who’s at fault fortheir tarnished image, their down trotting spirit, the abuse they suffer because they’re born a bully breed?

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