Monday, February 13, 2012

Enough is ENOUGH!

With so much going on in the world these days it’s apparent something in the atmosphere is amiss.  War is all around us; people are mistreating and abusing people, parents killing their kids and people are being bullied to give up their beloved pet because they can.  In light of the news of Nick Santino who committed suicide a couple of weeks ago after he made a decision (no pet parent should have to make unless their pet is terminally ill) to put his beloved, healthy, happy go lucky pet to sleep.  Nick was forced into making this horrific decision due to the pressure and bullying of the apartment management company.  They sent harassing letters to Nick Santino siting his dog was a menace, barking all hours of the night, siting other tenants in the building were complaining.  Anyone that’s familiar with pit bulls know they are not barkers (they bark when barking is necessary).  Rocco was not aggressive towards anyone, everyoneappeared to  like Rocco and Mr. Santio yet a decision was made because of prejudice.  After Nick made the decision to euthanizes Rocco, he came back to the same building that betrayed him and Rocco, knocked on the doors of neighbors giving away Roccos’ belongings.  The same folk that did not come to the aide of either Santino or Rocco were being blessed by both.  Many spoke out after the tragedies of both however, like the real world they spoke after the fact.

In the rescue world many believe our pets rescued us instead of us rescuing them.  Nick believed the in this ideology as well.  When is enough...ENOUGH?  How many other Nick Santios have to endure the discrimination because of the breed of dog they chose?  Who is going to be a voice for Nick, Rocco and many others that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge before their time?  Many cried, blogged about it, shared the story on facebook and twitter, what we want to know is how many are going to do something about it in their community, their home, apartment complex? What will you do should you be faced with this dilemma?  Will you fold or be voice of change?

Speak that voice of change!

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