Sunday, August 5, 2012

Iowa's Sentator Steve King

Moving forward with our goal of helping the bully breed thrive, we have seen changes in minds and perceptions within our circle of family and friends.  Now it’s time to change the world!  It is disheartening when you have folks in power who are out of touch with reality.  Recently, Iowa’s Senator Steve King is proposing an amendment titled “King amendment” (how egotistical) which will prevent states from developing anti-cruel standards regardless of whether or not local voters were in support of such measures. "It’s wrong to rate animals above human beings."  There are many things wrong with Senators King’s statement but we’re going to focus on one aspect of it.  No one is putting animals on a higher plane than humans because humans have the ability to remov themselves from dangerous situations. Humans have a voice and a choice, animals do NOT.  Animals do not have voices that speak to someone (some may disagree, that’s another blog).  Animals do not have a choice in which conditions they arrive or live in. Animals were put on earth to help cultivate the land, help ease loneliness by being a companion, helping children to read, and help humans to know and understand what unconditional love truly means.  Animals help in many ways yet we have individuals such as Senator King, Maryland Court of Appeals, The founder of and many others attempting to silence these animals.... NOT on ourwatch!

We will continue to move forward and be a voice for this bully breed and animals in general.  It has been well documented those that kill, maim, mutilate animals tend to be a danger to society.  It’s safe to say Senator King is a menace and a danger to society with his ideology.

Let Senator King know how you feel about his ideology and proposed amendment:

1131 Longworth Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202.225.4426
Fax: 202.225.3193

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