Monday, July 30, 2012

A changed mind & perception!

 It's a breath of fresh air to know you're making a difference and to see those that you surround yourself with make a change.  This is how we feel.  Late Monday night someone attempted to come into our house however, Krush wasn't having it.  The most damage they did was taking a purse out of our vehicle.  Let me add someone left the garage door open which lead to the incident.  There were valuables in the purse that can be replaced.  The alarm rang (Krush) and the perps did not get into the house.  Why is this important? What does this have to do with a breath of fresh air? With all of that going on our sister has been warming up to the idea of loving Sasha & Krush (whether she'll admit it or not).  After hearing how Krush saved the evening our sister was extremely impressed with our alarm and has decided to adopt an American Pit Bull Terrier!

This is a huge feat for our sister for she's scared of pit bulls and by the way media portrays them initially I was too.  During our inaugural event "Pits & Pumps" dog fashion show our wonderful sister took Krush's leash (with the assistance of our son) proudly walked Krush down the red carpet.  They looked smashing; it was hilarious because Krush did a double take (literally) when he felt our sister's energy when she took the leash. Again she was impressed with Krush which helped her to see pit bulls aren't savage beasts the media and others make them out to be.  In her neighborhood there are plenty of American Pit Bull Terriers with responsible owners our sister encountered daily.  Then it was Sasha's turn to spread the love.  While at our sister's house one day she got the nerve to pet Sasha.  Sasha being the true pittie she is, when our sister went to pet Sasha her entire body was hanging out of the vehicle ready to welcome our sister with open paws and plenty of wet kisses! Guess Sasha & Krush have done their job of changing perceptions & minds!!
        Way to go Sasha & Krush we're so proud of the two of you!!

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  1. Way to represent, Krush & Sasha! You should be proud of your two wonderful dogs!