Monday, January 14, 2013

What went wrong?

It was an early and dreary Sunday morning. We were still tired from the early part of the weekend's errands (a lot of driving up down 95 North &South) so, we didn’t feel like getting up. When we got up & opened the blinds to see fog, wet deck & damped grass we definitely weren't motivated. With that attitude we should’ve stayed home and let Sasha & Krush go in the backyard with our foster MD & Bentley (who was returned to us) tp play & do their business. Instead we prepared ourselves, Sasha & Krush to go for our usual hour long walk. The walk started out normal, took a different route, the pups did their business quicker than usual (YAY) so we kept chugging along. Once off the alternative path we were on our usual path, Krush’s body posture turned from relaxed to head & ears up and he began to pull, Sasha picked her pace up as well with her head to the ground (we saw this however, being in a fog and feeling dreary like the weather they were not corrected). As we rounded the corner Sasha & Krush became more intense (again not paying attention, not normal for us) finally we saw (not before Sasha & Krush) what peaked their interest. It was another beautiful pit bull who was much stronger than her/his guardian and appeared as intrigued by Sasha & Krush as they were with her/him. The worst thing anyone can do is pull a dog away when they’re excited, of course we knew this but the guardian of the other pit bull did not and it was almost a collision course of epic proportions. We remained calm and continued to walk and noticed a jogger with her black Lab a little ways off. Again Krush was on high alert whereas Sasha was unfazed. This time we were in control of the situation so we provided enough room for the jogger to run by and not become nervous about Sasha & Krush. Sasha & Krush were put in a sit with a focus on us. A quick turn of our head to look at Sasha, before we could turn back to Krush there was a tug and Krush was off to the races towards the lab. One can only imagine how we felt more importantly how the lab and the lab’s guardian felt. The lab’s guardian attempted to thwart Krush all the time we’re holding Sasha & trying to step on Krush’s leash. The lab went into the street and thankfully the cars & trucks saw what was going on and stopped & watch as if it were a drive in movie. Finally, we got a hold of Krush and made sure the guardian and lab were ok. No one or canine was injured. The moral of the story watch your attitude & mood when you’re around your pack. Your pack looks to you for guidance in every situation & if you’re not being the pack leader EVERY TIME, EVERY SITUATION your pack will let your know!

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